#461 – elijah

April 25th, 2011

#461 – elijah

The original page of this comic is for sale!

This comic comes a little late for Passover, and Easter for that matter, but hope you had a good one if you celebrate either/all of those! I’m still on the lookout for a creme egg, but I haven’t been looking very hard.


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  1. Marc says:

    Righteous Eve, turns to Shocked Eve, turns to ANGRY Eve!
    Wonderful! I love this comic so much!

  2. Chris says:

    I love the meta-intro

    unfortunately I know way too many people like this

  3. Lissa T. says:

    Passover ends tomorrow night, so you're still okay on that front 😉
    Good luck finding that egg!

  4. Alain says:

    I don't celebrate any of those but thanks to the power of TV I grew up learning all kinds of things about Easter festivities among people who "do" religion. To wit, any mention of Elijah the prophet brings back memories of Seinfeld doing his Elijah the prophet sketch on SNL on April 18th 1992. So, I had enough cultural backgound to enjoy this really, really really really good story. She's so full of angerrrr. They all trigger it so gradually, so wonderfully.

  5. joe glow says:

    I really enjoy the recent surreality.

  6. Steve B. says:

    Ahh, working for exposure. Or taking freelance gigs at rates significantly less than minimum wage in order to beef up your portfolio and because hey, at least you're doing SOMETHING. The joys of life as an artist/designer.

    A few years out of art school, I decided to be an engineer instead. My salary as an INTERN in engineering is higher than the entry-level salary of any design job I've ever seen. I'm entering a PhD program next semester, and my stipend as a PhD student will also be higher than most entry-level design jobs.

    I'm with Eve 100%. I get that certain job markets are oversaturated, but that doesn't make the systematic abuse of the human beings working in that field alright. If no one agreed to work for free, these bastards would be forced to pay living wages. Stop putting up with it, you scabs.

    • Mark says:

      I work for less than minimum wage because, well, no one wants an editor with 0 months of experience. I understand all I’m doing is padding a resume and working two jobs to make ends meet, but, you know, I’d rather this than make more working full-time at my retail job because I don’t want to do retail. It’s worth the time and opportunity cost to get experience in my field.

  7. Wait a second. Doesn't Marek live there? Why is he getting kicked out of the house?

    • Edison T. Allere says:

      Also he doesn't really live there. He is just over there all the time. This is mentioned in his first appearance, when he brings Hanna his bed, and then realizes that he won't have one if she has his.

  8. @Dope_Danny says:

    I can't help but feel you came up with this after the thing on twitter about doing 'work for friends' for free thing.

  9. Emily says:

    I've been having crème eggs all the time! Tonight I'm going to go buy a million for half price and throw them all in the freezer so I can have them all year. I might bring some to TCAF to share with people, if it doesn't seem like they'd just melt in the car.

  10. Rango says:

    I want to learn more about the Clinic for Injured Bees

  11. @CLRgrrl says:

    Oh, hear, hear. Working for no pay just to get the experience is officially off my List of Things To Do With My Young Adult Life, because I daresay I don't need the experience anymore.

  12. andrew says:

    wait Marek is Jewish?
    wait who's Elijah?
    oh yeah, I'm in Texas. Passover just happened, didn't it.

    • muddkipz says:

      Elijah is the messiah who will come eventually (Judaism doesn't recognize Jesus as the messiah) and on passover a glass of wine is filled for him and the door is left open so that he can come in.

    • Mary says:

      He may or may not be. All the guys, Jewish or not, at the Passovers I've attended have worn a Kippah. Also, while it may or may not mean she's Jewish, Marigold gave Eve a Hanukkah present: http://www.octopuspie.com/2010-12-20/423-hanukkah

      Maybe they just like the holidays/tradition/parties? I'm totally in Texas and I celebrated my fourth Passover – it was awesome. I love me some matzo ball soup and unleavened lemon squares.

    • Sihaya says:

      Texas has the largest conservative synagogue in the country. Why do you think we're famous for our *brisket* barbecue?

  13. chris says:

    Is anyone in the OP cast actually jewish, or are they just celebrating passover for the heck of it? (Can't say I've never done that before myself…)

  14. KimmQuinn says:

    yay 😀

  15. Paul says:

    Hey, Passover isn't over till tomorrow night, or tonight if you are in Israel. Good luck with your egg hunt.

  16. Dell says:

    I love the playfulness of this comic.

  17. Louis says:

    Huh, I had no idea that Marek, or Hannah, or…Well anyone besides Marigold was Jewish. I guess that's 'cause religion isn't usually touched by this comic.

    I do love how Eve's prone to these emotional swings, keeps things at an intertaining pace.

    • Steve B. says:

      Considering that every male sitting at the table is wearing a yarmulke, I'm not sure if they're actually Jews or if the scullcaps are just their idea of getting into the passover spirit.

    • andrew says:

      in all the Seders I've been to every male wears a yarmulke whether Jewish or not out of respect to the occasion

  18. Sela says:

    I love how Greg has permanently weaseled himself into bed with the stoners. Ha.

  19. Sgore says:

    Sean is hording way too much Matzoh for a rational human being to ever want to eat. It makes perfect sense and I think you for this comic.

  20. Mental Mouse says:

    Eve’s Seder was infested by pod people!

  21. Ellie says:

    Geeze I am digging your style so much, even more than usual Meredith!! I love the hand lettering now, too. So cool!

  22. cattorney says:

    Second to last panel is absolutely fantastic. I'm always impressed by your expressions (Puget-Sean and Marek, there. Priceless.)!

  23. kurtismcgurtis says:

    lol, this is double funny for me because i just celebrated passover for the first time. Also, Marigold is lookin' adorable.

  24. Kwon says:

    "Get outta my house, you serfs!" LmAo, perfect ~

  25. I feel like "Elijah can get his own damn wine" should be a song lyric. Like an angry, Jewish country song. (That's a thing, right?)

  26. Nigel-63 says:

    … and in the spirit of the (Christian) season: AMEN (to the topic at hand)!

    … there are people in the States paying (actually PAYING thousands of monies) to do an internship in seriously crappy small companies in Australia – all because these companies sell themselves a particular way…
    … I've had European friends shake their heads sadly and just mutter, "Americans"… (but in a nice way)…

  27. Pie says:

    The mouse-over text was pure genius, Meredith. It fit the already excellent comic perfectly.

  28. Soso says:

    This is the first time I've ever read a Passover comic. And while it makes me SUPER HAPPY to see a dayenu joke, I'm also about to start an internship in New York, so…I guess I get kicked out of the seder?

  29. Patsy says:

    Hey Meredith:

    It's really really easy actually….and a fun group activity!

  30. Robert says:

    The Hebrew slaves got the hell out of Egypt so 4000 years later these dumb proles would work for free.

    • spas says:

      did you see the facebook thing during the riots in egypt? a little letter something like…

      dear egyptian rioters,
      please be careful with the pyramids. we will not rebuild.
      love, the jews

      this joke came up at our seder in jerusalem, and our cup for elijah doubled for gilad shalit. this comic is pretty great – i also did not know that any of our octupus pie peeps were jewish.

  31. MerchManDan says:

    Beginning a story with "…and she seems perfectly okay with it!!" is something I should do more often.

  32. Lola says:

    Ha! Helpfulists and Payloaders sound like niche guerilla groups of niceness from Templar, Arizona. I mean that in a completely positive way, fyi.

  33. Lior S. says:

    and your comics are so amazing Meredith! I gave your name and Octopus Pie as inspirations in my IB Art exam and comic book!

  34. Paul says:

    Oh, Eve! How your practical capitalist sensibility rocks my world.

  35. My internship in college led directly to a job, but it is still kinda effed and getting moreso. What would happen to the whole non-profit sector, tho, if we had to start paying interns? I shudder to think.

  36. mmkstarr says: