#431 – cat poop cookies

January 15th, 2011

#431 – cat poop cookies

Kopi Luwak (a.k.a. cat poop coffee) is the most expensive coffee in the world. It’s the only coffee bean that’s ingested by Asian civets and harvested from their droppings. Apparently something in cat bellies makes coffee delicious.

More smart people can explain it better than me. Nobody can explain why the cookies come out of Manuel fully formed.


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  1. Qwil man says:

    There's a cheese like this too, or maybe that was just in that comic with the frog that had sunglasses.

    • EvolutionBaby says:

      that's a Sardinian cheese called cazu marzu. It's not poop cheese, but it is infested with live "cheese maggots". They jump. I'm not kidding!

    • Sap says:

      Only difference is that that maggot cheese can kill you if you eat it! Sometimes you eat the maggots and they bore through your intestinal tract! GROOOSS this cat poop coffee is much more tame.

      • nvm88 says:

        You could, if you were that way inclined say that the cat poop cookies are far more domesticated.


  2. Catherine says:

    Ewww, Kopi Luwak reference. XD I love Octopus Pie.

  3. Rezmason says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. How did this even happen?!

    Never tell! I hope you never reveal the sequence of events that caused this.

  4. Forest says:

    "Civet Cat" is actually a misnomer. Civets are not felines.

  5. Sela says:

    What bothers me the most is that Hanna still gave him the cat poop cookies. She brought this on herself!

  6. Euangelias says:

    Cat poop cookies. As someone who cleans the household cat poop, this product scares me.

  7. coronimo says:

    Hanna seems to be getting her ass handed to her a lot these days. Not that her plans ever work (getting Will and Eve together, keeping Will and Eve apart…) but her failures were once greeted with a bohemian panache rather than disgruntled resentment. I hope she's not growing up :(

  8. Sharp says:

    Oooh! Oooh! Question!

    How does one pronounce "Puget Sean?"

    • MacSimon says:

      I always said it like "Poo-Get Sean".

    • AlmostLiterally says:

      And I say 'Pudge-Et Sean'.

      Whenever I don't know, I just try to think of the funniest possible pronunciation and roll with it. That way, if I'm right, I'm right. If I'm wrong, people will probably think I was joking and not actually wrong. Yes, I'd rather be known for lame jokes than for being wrong. Sue me.

      However, according to that philosophy, Poo-Get Sean is clearly the winner here.

      • EvolutionBaby says:

        It's "Pew-Jet", like the Puget Sound, in Seattle. I'm guessing that's maybe where he's from???

        • Krimson says:

          Exactly! Remember, he “single-handedly brought grunge back” (something like that; I’m paraphrasing), so his embodiment of grunge culture includes his affiliation with the grunge capital, Seattle, hence the punny name.

    • Whoop Whoop says:

      I always assumed it was "Pyoo-jet," like the region in Washington. (Puget Sound?)

    • SparklingMangos says:

      P-you ( like pee-you without the ee) – jet

      Like "puget sound".

    • Caroline says:

      Like "Puget Sound" but with Sean at the end.

    • River says:

      I assume it patterns off of "Puget Sound", and we locals say, "Pyoo-jit."

      • River says:

        Somehow all of the ore comments didn't appear until after I submitted. Oh, well!

        • Kathleen says:

          I am from the Seattle area, and I concur. Pyoo-jit Sound.

          Next text: try saying Puyallup.

          • Justin says:

            Hush, you. How are we supposed to filter out Californians without mispronunciations of Puyallup and Sequim?

            • Ironica says:

              That's okay, meanwhile the Californians (well, the Angelenos anyway) are filtering you out with "Sepulveda" and "Figueroa." (And occasionally La Cienega… hint, it's NOT Italian.)

          • Amanda says:

            “Pyew-allup.” “Skwim.” I personally like Okanagan and Kootenai. Gotta love Washington.

  9. Em says:

    I went with pyoo-jet

  10. Lord_Mordja says:


  11. damien walder says:

    I'm confused (not about Kopi Luwak, I've had it) – with these cookies, would you wash your hands, eat them and then wash your hands _again_?


    Drink strong clove tea with them?

    Oh, and when you think about Kopi Luwak, it's fermentation, really – most tea is fermented to release more flavour, too. Just not in an animals' intestines. But hey, you pour hot water on already roasted beans, it's all good!

  12. Amel says:

    Joe the coffee shop guy reminds me of Joseph from the Scott Pilgrim books. I think its the eye brow/ beard combo.

  13. spas says:

    hahahahaha! i'm sick at home and almost peed my pants from this page – ran to the bathroom! the people protesting including the unlikely old dude -AND the cat poop illustration- so hilarious!

  14. deadlytoque says:

    Civets are highly-evolved to eat only the best coffee beans (if they have a choice), so that helps. It means that rather than getting whatever thousands of beans were pulled from the plans, you're only getting the best. Then, apparently something in their digestive enzymes burns off some of the acidity of the coffee. The bean itself (which I think is technically a seed) is largely indigestible, so poop-poop!

    Sad people who hate their jobs collect the poop, wash it, and then send the bean on for processing!

  15. Between this and that Chinese 100-year old egg… exotic gastronomy is pretty weird. 😐

  16. Will says:

    That cat in the last panel has an oddly human nose

  17. Sebastian says:

    Nice "fuck my life" in the last panel. Puget Sean's not a happy camper in this coffeeshop.

  18. Olle says:

    I love how Sean is just working away grumpily at his moleskine, like a bothersome child told to sit in a corner and draw.

  19. NextChamp says:

    Wouldn't this be unsanitary? I know you said somewhere they make coffee out of cat shit but…..even that has to be disgusting and unhealthy to eat.

    • TalkinBoutPoop says:

      Actually, the coffee is not unsanitary or any more unhealthy. The beans are of course washed clean, then dried and roasted. The roasting process would kill any nasty microbes. And of course it goes through the typical coffee routine of being ground and doused in very hot water.

    • damien walder says:

      Coffee Beans – they are washed, dried and roasted before ANYONE makes coffee with them.

      Boiling Water (and hotter, for espresso) – it hits the beans to make the coffee.

      For the squeamish who are disturbed by this idea, did you ever wonder how much 'foreign content' is allowed in processed foods (say, breakfast cereals) without having to be included in the ingredients?

      Every factory will do its best, but moths, flies and cockroaches often find a way in.

      It's not the coffee I'd worry about ; )

      • gn0me says:

        Water for espresso shouldn’t be above boiling, even for a really dark roast…. this is one of the reasons people make really bad coffee with steam driven espresso machines, or improper technique if they’re actually a barista – HX machines leave some above-boiling water in the group if they aren’t flushed before the shot is pulled, and the resulting sludge is unfit for a pig’s trough. In fact, the less intensely roasted the coffee is, the lower temperature you want your brewing water, to minimize the transfer of carboxylic acids from the bean into the cup, and this goes for any brewing method…

  20. Jon says:

    Mikeller makes what is supposed to be a fantastic beer w the civet beans. I just bought a bottle lady week. Haven't tried it yet. Weird!

  21. Ruby says:

    As I was reading this it was slowly dawning on me what you might be referring to, a friend of mine is obsessed with the idea of buying some Kopi Luwak at some point. The protesters are insanely funny.

  22. wykstrad says:


    The hell.

  23. C Forrest says:

    Hey Meredith, I'd just like to say thanks for giving me 431 pieces of procrastination material, I've enjoyed reading OP for the last couple of days instead of writing my dissertation. Keep up the good work!

  24. mdenholm says:

    Any chance of getting "Bring Back Cat Poop Cookies" shirts in the store? I'd wear one with pride.

  25. Jon says:

    man, I couldn't have been more wrong with the way I pronounce "Puget Sean". I thought the first part was French, with a silent "T". I said "Pooshey" . Then I said "Seen" instead of "Shawn".

  26. MerchManDan says:

    But….HOW do so many people know that the cookies were shat out of a cat?? Can't speak for anybody else, but *I* wouldn't whisper a word of that to anybody. Then again, I wouldn't sell cat-shat cookies in the first place, so there you go.

  27. Spencer says:

    If you make that a real t-shirt, I will really buy it with real money.

  28. Mishyana says:

    I have to ask, Meredith; do you listen to Kevin Smith's SModcast? Because he and Scott Mosier were *just* talking about the poo coffee on their last episode.

  29. Bruudwin says:

    Ok I dunno what gives but… I can’t see the comic!!! no matter what I do !?!