#414 – boo

November 15th, 2010

#414 – boo

There’s just one more page to the exciting and very late conclusion of this story! Thanks for waiting patiently while I did some much-needed Webcomics Weekend work, and rested a bit in the aftermath. And thanks to everyone who came and made our 2nd show a big success!

San Francisco area friends: my friend Jon Sung is about to release a new album with his awesome band, The Definite Articles. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of The Arcade Fire but with a full string quartet. I think you will find it quite pleasing!

They’re playing November 19th & 20th (the Fri/Sat before Thanksgiving) at 32 Ocean Ave, and I highly recommend seeing them live. More info on their Facebook, or through this very comprehensive post on their blog!


Discussion (47)¬

  1. MerchManDan says:

    Did NOT see that coming. This is beyond fantastic.

    Heh. Marigold's revenge.

  2. Dedlok says:

    So THAT's how this story actually becomes canon!

  3. Boosie says:

    Yay! 😀

    I'm glad Eve's back :)

  4. David says:

    D'aww, Greg.

  5. cameronlj says:

    "BOO, motherfucker!"

    haha best line I've read all week, at least

  6. jeremythedog says:

    Love the spooky face on the bullet. But ghost bullets don't kill ghosts? Or do ghosts return to life if they're killed? And if ghost-Eve came back to life, what happened to her body?

    I like questions.

  7. lamelama22 says:

    Hi, I'm Casper the friendly bullet!

    lol reminds me of the ghost plots / ghost bullet jokes in RvB.

    also "BOO, motherfucker!" made my day! But where is Hannah? hmmmm..

  8. Mr. Pilgrim says:

    Why did the Ghost Bullet change her outfit? Panel 3=coat. Panel 4= no coat?

    But, it's still awesome as always.

  9. leentje says:

    hahahahaaha! NICE!

  10. gaph says:

    I think this comic would be better titled "metal as fuck".

  11. Fish says:

    Looks like Will's losing his shit

  12. Damn ants! says:


    Where's Will's neck scar?

  13. StJason says:

    Whoa! Ren & Stimpy were right! If you kill a ghost, it comes back to life!

    (Now we need a visit from the Bloody Head Fairy)

  14. asdasdasd says:

    Definite flavours of KC Green coming through on this one.

  15. Ghost bullet. Heck, that was unexpected. 😛

  16. spade says:

    huh, didn't see that coming. im just glad pac man didn't follow up on that bullet.

  17. Kate Koala says:

    I have a student in my college English class who wanted to write a paper about hipsters. He keeps insisting he can do it, but his only sources are Wikipedia and 4chan.

    My point is, thank you for writing about hipsters WELL. <3

  18. KimmQuinn says:


  19. ThatAnimeChick says:


    Worth the wait

  20. Drew says:

    Seriously, is it bad if I want Marigold to stay dead?

  21. random says:

    The hipster-craze must stop, I was called a hipster today for playing pokemon in class. There are no longer hipsters, just douchebags, EVERYWHERE

  22. Michael Harmon says:

    Thanks for the band drop; that's my hometown, and I actually like them. ^_^

  23. Nicholas says:

    I see what you did there >.>

  24. HaraDude says:

    Gregory this old bag murdered you and three of your mates, and you want to be a friendly ghost with her.

    You are either the dumbest shitbrick or the saintliest of bros to ever walk comic-earth!

  25. Damien Walder says:

    Greg has such crap for self-esteem. Trying to make friends with his murderer? Yeesh.

    Awesome panel – EPIC, even.

    There is no hipster craze. There have always been people with questionable fashion and group identities. Being hostile to a group so poorly defined as "hipsters" is just really dumbed-down xenophobia or low-level sociopathy.

    Plus, mis-using the word? – doing a major dis-service to one of the finer poets America's produced.

  26. Mayday says:

    And it turns out Hanna was dead the WHOoOoOoLE TIiIiIiIiMMME.


  27. Rainfly_X says:

    Wow, I have been away from this comic for way too long. I lolled in absolute confusion. I have no idea WTF is going on and it's blissfully hilarious that way!

  28. polk says:

    would you please produce a die hipster scum t-shirt

    i would buy it

  29. Alain says:

    But where's Astroboy?

  30. Michelle says:

    yessss first panel oh my god, i second the t-shirt idea

  31. Jim North says:

    Aw, man . . . I liked Eve's floaty hair!

  32. Scott Bieser says:

    I was a hipster before being a hipster was un-cool.

  33. Dude I might be high says: