#376 – half set of gams

April 21st, 2010

#376 – half set of gams


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  1. Ben Rankel says:

    octopus pie is like crack. Once I’m done, I just want more.

  2. macks says:

    god damn RIGHT she does.

  3. Themonkeymoose says:

    That was the most emotional I've got reading a webcomic ;-;

  4. shiksa says:

    I didn’t think I’d be all that upset to see Park go but I am. sadness ensues me. TT-TT

  5. Secondrate Saint says:

    Ben Rankel took the words right out of my mouth.

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

  6. Mario C says:

    “I can’t, ever.”
    Damn. The whole thing was just beautiful, but that line…

  7. Matt B. says:

    Fantastic, as usual. Can’t wait till the next installment.

  8. Randall Drew says:

    Eve sure is squishable :3 A sad arc over all, but leave it to Hannah to make us smile at the end, even as Eve frowns.

  9. wykstrad says:

    Way to squeeze Marek in there at the end.

    so… if Park-Eve ‘shippers are “Evark” people, does it logically follow that Will-Eve ‘shippers are “Evill” people?

  10. Jonno says:

    Oh, it did NOT help that I was listening to Elliott Smith throughout reading this.

    So sad, but so good as usual. Oh, Meredith, I do adore your writing and your art. <3

  11. Pleadshirt (Sarah) says:

    Noo Evark was my OTP!

    aw that made me sad thinking about my boyfriend having to leave at some point to… gorgeous wonderful art and storyline as always

  12. Brenna says:

    Totally worth procrastinating a little on my art history paper.

    I feel all weepy yet happy. OP just keeps getting better and better. 😀 <3

  13. fish1589 says:

    Man, Park always seemed like a bit of a square to me but I feel so sorry for him.

    Poor Eve is alone again

  14. JfC says:

    My stomach dropped out almost as much as it did when I read the end of Anders loves Maria.

  15. Sblrng says:

    I hummed the Pavement song the whole way through. Meridith Gran you know how to make a good comic (and a grown man sniffle).

    p.s. I lied I hummed the Los Campesinos version >_>

  16. AJ says:

    *sniff* Poor Eve. I can’t believe how much I can sympathize with her and the situation she’s in.

    Though, I gotta say, Hannah and Marek at the end did help to take a bit of the edge off. :)

  17. Bryy Miller says:

    I love how Eve is drawn this arc. So cartoony.

  18. nothings says:

    well played, ms gran. well played.

  19. Wood says:

    I don't get the "not evark" thing… but that's probably the language barrier.

    • Josh says:

      "evark" is an amalgamation of the two names. This kind of thing is usually applied to celebrities, you've probably heard brangelina as a mix of brad and angelina. Evark is the same for eve and park.


  20. John says:


  21. Higgy says:

    JFC The end of Anders love Maria left me sick to my stomach it was so sad.

    I actually didnt like Park that much, I see Will and Eve in the future though.

  22. LSTAR says:

    Evark = Eve + Park!

  23. Jefita says:

    I wasn't into Evark, but this still pulled on all my heartstrings. I remember my doing this with my boyfriend and it was awful. Then I got guts and remembered I really didn't want to stay in Oklahoma and now I'm married to him.

  24. Mr. L says:

    Another fine piece of work, looking forward to the next one.

  25. Gin says:

    Derishush cookies.

  26. Matt says:


  27. Meg says:

    Ahhh, I was so happy to see and update! I was never a big Park fan… but this brought me around to liking him and now he's gone andand… I'm so sad. D:

  28. Simon says:

    AAgrgh! This isn't a tidy closer like the previous few stories! I hope the next update isn't too long coming. Love it!

  29. algeya says:

    Glad you didnt do a Vg cats schedule of doom and uploaded a lot of pages

  30. nothings says:

    I guess, thinking about it, the reason I was never a fan of Evark is because they had this pre-existing relationship that we were never privy to, so it was hard to sympathize or identify with the new relationship when they went back to it. That sort of thing *can* work (e.g. Grosse Pointe Blank), but here we had the previous Evil relationship which we got to see built up from scratch so it was a lot easier to be attached to that, and in my case at least I felt sort of ripped off by Evark in comparison.

    I always felt bad about never giving a damn about Evark–I felt like I was just some dumb Internet Evil shipper or something, even though I don't *really* care about Evil. Now with Evark possibly dead and buried, I can actually clear my head enough to think this through and realize that maybe this was what Meredith intended all along…

  31. Qwil man says:

    I love when someone gives up on their platitude about halfway through.

  32. yates says:

    Azzip is my new favorite character.

  33. Yuri says:

    Oh crap crap I read it too quick and now it's over CRAP!

  34. MerchManDan says:

    Oh, Hanna. If you weren't so adorable, I'd punch you for being so cluelessly self-absorbed.

  35. David says:

    Just when I was all set to be disappointed by the lack of Marek, too. Perfect. Ahhhh so good. This whole arc.

  36. Aaron says:

    I feel as though Eve and Hanna's eyes were switched in this update. Or at least hanna's are much more egg shaped now.

  37. lil says:


  38. jeremythedog says:

    yes, i need more.

    but i'll see you at Stumptown, mer!

  39. Chris Cook says:

    Wow Meredith! It always does seem to make me antsy between updates these days, but man, the quality is just so high. Congrats!

  40. peets says:

    First achewood, then Octopus Pie; so much drama in comics today! Is _so_ good.

  41. Doogles says:

    I've been enjoying Octopus Pie a lot more since you started publishing comics in chunks every now and then as opposed to on a schedule. The art is much cleaner, and the stories are more enjoyable.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  42. Victoria says:

    This hurts almost as much as my real-life break up.

  43. Lurdiak says:

    Another wonderful storyline, as usual! This comic remains one of my favorites, and is well worth the wait between updates.

  44. ama says:

    Oh god that was crushing. Poor Eve and Park, I loved Park…

  45. McGwiggles says:

    If only Victor was there to console her…

  46. Shab says:

    I was never really a fan of Evark, so I wasn't too sad to see Park go. I'm hoping there's more Evill in the future because they really make a cute couple.

  47. Satsuz says:

    I think Mer masterminded all of this. Make us initially dislike Park, only to go and make us all feel like horrible, despicable human beings when the relationship finally ends.

    I'm on to you, Ms. Gran!

  48. Tessa says:

    Loved it. So, so much. Made me stay up late (Netherlands here) and be tired for work again tomorrow.. so worth it! The artwork was really beautifully done.

    I was thinking about the song in this comic, it seems that every storyline has a tune to it. I wonder if Meredith knows in advance which tune it is..

  49. Tessa says:

    And common.. Marek had me cracking up, how sad the whole storyline might be.. "Not Evark!"

  50. Bekah says:

    Are you drawing Eve a different way in profile? It's really cute.

  51. Bekah says:

    Actually, I do believe your style has changed a bit!

  52. Meglynn says:

    The comic's style has definitely tightened up a lot (in a good way) since the early chapters, but still keeps up a great semi-cartoony feel.

  53. Chad says:

    the stories just get better and better every time you update. As does the art style. Stuff like this makes it worth the wait :)

  54. Bobcat2022 says:

    Haha, wow- Just read through the last two Octopus Pie updates for the first time, and purely from an elevating-your-comic-game standpoint, taking it to an irregular-chunk update schedule was a brilliant idea. I love this new, more substantial and cohesive… "webcomic" doesn't seem the right word. What's the word people use for things like Scott Pilgrim and Blankets? Web-that.

    And I LOL'd at "Mr. Lasik".

  55. hrararara says:

    :))))))))))))))))) Ace update & thanks & happy birthday, eh?!

  56. alastor says:

    i like mr. laser/yoga/lasik/ Jon, but he seemed kinda mean when he first appeared

  57. Almost Literally says:

    Last panel Eve looks like a cat who has just given up all hope in the arms of a hyper child.

  58. Unreasonable Request says:

    The style of this comic has changed so subtly… It's really retained a lot of its original charm. I like how Meglynn put it – 'tightened up'. Meredith has managed to keep it consistent while improving at the same time. I can't stand it when web comic artists experiment a lot…

  59. Woden says:

    Half-set of gams! *snerk* Oh man, that's good stuff.

  60. grace says:

    Oh, I loved this storyline.. I'm kind of like Eve in this sense–I can't understand why it's so hard for me to get into a relationship. I always end up feeling queasy every time someone gets close to me, though it's not like singlehood has that much to offer either. Of course, it's not even on the same scale, hers involves moving her entire life to another place, and mine just involves a small commitment.

  61. Emma says:

    LOL, Marek gave them a pairing name.

    I've been reading all of your comic in 2 days, and I love it to bits! The style is fun, the characters seem real and the story is tight! 😀

    My fav character is Marek. :)

  62. max says:

    EVARK? bwahahahaa.a…a.a.

  63. Athena says:

    Hee! That hug does not look very boob-friendly.

  64. Unreasonable Request says:

    I just watched The Union… Is Bake and Bake and it's little pothead mascot based on Watermelon Girl, the host of Baked and Baking based in British Columbia?

  65. John says:

    lol @ boob friendly hug.

    no hug should ever be boob friendly when it comes (or cums) to girl on girl :p

  66. Patrick says:

    Is this the end of the Comic? Or do you update once a month now?

    I'm confused :(

    And i miss the adventures of Eve!

  67. Stilton Soup says:

    I love you, Meredith Gran.

  68. Meowmix says:

    And now I've reached the end of the current updates *sob*

    Oh, the doldrums of new updates over the archives..

    Whatever- I can't wait to see where all this goes. I absolutely love this comic. Everything is so real and well-done!

  69. Sam says:

    I love this! Read the whole thing in a day :) When does it update?

    • meredith says:

      It updates whenever a new story is finished. The next one will probably be in mid-June. Thanks for reading!

  70. Atcote says:

    Christ, that was sad for me.

    I've just been through almost that same situation, and am trying like hell to avoid the same outcome. It's good to know that these things can happen to other people, even if they're stapled to a webcomic.

    Thanks Meredith; you always do fantastic work.

  71. Reaper says:

    If it weren't for that bottom right panel this would oddly enough be a great ending point.

  72. Kevin says:

    More webcomic cross-pollination: beside the Dresden Codak vibe a few pages back, helpless Eve in Hanna's arms feels very Hark! A Vagrant. I think it's something to do with the expressions. Beaton does a lot of clueless, vacant faces. Actually, Eve reminds me of the Shetland pony in this frame. ha ha

  73. TheFatman says:

    Awesome storyline.

  74. Cheesus says:

    Oh man, I'm late to the party, aren't I?

    Read through the whole archive yesterday and today and now it seems like you haven't updated in a while.

    Well, I'll wait.

  75. Rose says:

    Ahahaha I didn't even realize about "Evark" 'till now. I was all like "Evark? What's that?" Oh ahahaha I'm so dense about this comic sometimes. Anyway, I love this comic, and I can't wait for the next update!

  76. Stifyn Baker says:

    Just read your complete archive in two days. Fantastic comic. Keep 'em coming!

  77. buckets says:

    So, just read through all of octopus pie from the begining. Now have a new webcomic to love, not that I needed another. But this is AWESOME.

  78. Vincent says:

    Did I mention that I love what you do?


    Well I do D:


    I'm afraid to sound like the common commoner fanboy. That I am, but I am also a chap devoted to niceness. Your comic is oh-so-nice. Keep it up or I will be bored and keep it up because I say so and keep it up because it might getcha somewhere. I doubt that you're not already there.

  79. Andi says:

    I click on my bookmark for OP every day, crossing my fingers that something new is up. Can't wait for the story to continue!

  80. Ferret says:

    Amazing Comic, I read alllll the way through it today, then I took a nap and I was hanging out with the characters and all in all just having a very odd dream 😮

    Unfortuneatly it only reminds me how lonely I is XD!

    Keep. Up. The. Amazing. Work.


  81. T.J.K. says:

    Evark is krave backwards.

  82. Cheesus says:

    Now I feel stupid for writing that I read through the archives. Everybody does that.

  83. Jasmine P. says:

    This has been awesome to re-read over the past week-ish. I look forward to the next update. I agree with the earlier commentators, the progressions and shifts in the art all work out quite nicely together.

  84. ashley says:


  85. SchnappsFerret says:

    Quite the comic… funny enough I began reading it while I was in brooklyn for about a month and a half. Good stuff, can't wait to see more, good work!

  86. oinonio says:

    Awesome comic, read the whole thing in a day. Look forward to the new storyline.

  87. Gethsemani says:

    Hi, so I went to the comic con last week, and as soon as I got home I checked all the freebies I had and I saw you'r card, and I kinda liked it, so I spent the last 3 days, reading all of this story…and wow I really really liked it, all of it (: I can't wait for more!!!

    P.S. Evark, took me 5 secs to get it, and then i laughed

    • meredith says:

      oh man, awesome to hear! It was well worth giving out those cards if some new people got to enjoy the comic. Thanks! :)

      • Gethsemani says:

        no problem, thank you for making this comic *-*

        I'm showing it around everywere (: posting my favorite strips on facebook n_n!

        I hope I see you next year and get you to make a skech for me and meet you in person *.*!

  88. Monika says:

    "latest comic" links to number 347

  89. Jessica says:

    Lulz 'Evark' x3

    I love Marek…

  90. synergist says:

    "one could easily apply that logic to life itself. yeah okay. i don't know either."
    "life's basically just super deep."

    relationships may change, but coping mechanisms are forever!