#374 – goodbye circle

April 19th, 2010

#374 – goodbye circle


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  1. Randall Drew says:

    Love how they all have the same reaction in panel 3, then it diversifies by 5 when it's had time to sink in.

  2. wykstrad says:

    Oh, God… please tell me that’s not hope on Greg’s face.

  3. Niallsb says:

    I always feel like I'm the one observing those turtles, watching them leave.

  4. cousinitt says:

    Panel 5: Greg has NO idea how to feel about this.

    (wykstrad: I suspect hope is one of the conflicting emotions, but I would figure guilt about feeling hope is another, and feeling bad for Park/Eve another… after all, the previous parts of this episode made it clear that he does genuinely like Park… and holy moly I am seeing all this in a cartoon person making googly eyes. WELL DONE, Meredith. Damn.)

    I am also touched that John seems seriously upset. That is so sweet, given that he doesn't even know these people that well.

  5. Almost Literally says:

    I've probably seen the word 'awkward' right here in this arc more than I have in any one place ever before. But it works. This whole arc is awkward and great.

  6. reynard61 says:

    Awkward storyline is awkwardly awesome in it's awkwardness!

    • Narf says:

      Awkward superfluous apostrophe is also awkward. 😛

      (Its = possessive pronoun; It's = contraction of "It is")

  7. Shras says:

    One more chance, is she gonna do it?!