#346 – this ruins everything

November 26th, 2009

#346 – this ruins everything


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  1. Em Kultra says:

    Oh god, Hanna going from adorable happy to adorable sad is more heartbreaking than that story.

  2. InfamousQ says:

    You silly little dreamer…

  3. Hrm… am I the only one that still finds them horribly brilliant after looking into it? Do feel sorry for the girls.

    And indeed, Hanna's face is like emotion incarnate. Like if a puppy and an emoticon shebanged up a kiddy together.

  4. Almost Literally says:


  5. danineteen says:

    Where's Hanna's mouse and keyboard?

  6. McNajee says:

    when i finished reading this…i re-read it thinking of the song "In the arms of an angel" makes it WAY SADDER!!! Dont do it people!!

  7. Morgan says:

    Considering your apparent success (perhaps more akin to 'recognizable' than 'ass-grabbingly wealthy'), my praise is somewhat moot; however, you should know that I spent my Christmas dancing in the dark to mix-tapes, eating what may be the last Fruit By The Foot of my life, and reading your comic.

    This has been your one sentence review. …Crap!

  8. blabla says:

    lesson for this comic strip: don't listen to fortune tellers :)

  9. Auto says:

    Wow, that bit of history makes My Pal Foot Foot immensely less funny in hindsight…