#332 – smash

October 21st, 2009

#332 – smash


Discussion (12)¬

  1. josh says:

    thats… thats some pretty epic shit right there

  2. lewk says:

    he broke her bike in half, what an ass!

  3. jeremythedog says:

    with moves like that, this guy could easily fit into the next sreet fighter game.

  4. Mcnajee says:

    its official…D-D-D-DOUCHE BAG!!!!

  5. MerchManDan says:

    Jeez, he must've taken Improved Sunder when he last leveled up.


  6. X Intolerable X says:

    You can write "/nerd" all you want, but you can never stop nerd……ever!!!

  7. Bryy says:

    Octopus Pie, how do I love your surrealism. Let me count the ways. Oh, let me count them.

    • Kneethan says:

      I see no counting, Bryy. As for me, my love for this comic is, on a scale from 1-unfathomable, unfathomable.

  8. Carl-E says:

    OK, that right there is fucked up. Pretty surealistic, too.

    Also surrealistically pretty.

  9. Mr. F says:

    That's just not cool, dude. 😡

  10. Phatnes says:

    All bicycles must be unicycled, he yelled.

  11. Shras says:

    Hanna must have revenge now for her bike…get mad, Hanna, REAL mad! Revenge!