#321 – alone and unprotected

August 24th, 2009

#321 – alone and unprotected


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  1. Shift says:

    Is that guy actually someone in real life?

  2. KMM says:



  3. Rick in Mexico says:

    It's Dan Backslide, that coward, bully, cad and thief!

    (Note to Shift: Google "dover boys cartoon")

    (Note to Eve: Brilliant)

    • Rick in Mexico says:

      I tend to confuse fictional cracters and their creators. What I meant was:

      (Note to Meredith: Brilliant. And yay.)

  4. Omega says:

    Wait. Was that the guy from the cartoon about Pimento U?

  5. MNsane says:


  6. Genuine Fiber says:

    Sweet, rich Dora Stanpipe…HOW I LOVE HER (father's money.)

  7. Sarah says:

    This is where the silent movie ends and the actual story begins. I love the way you've really paid attention to detail now, its so easy to see that you care about telling a story between the lines. You've done this so well, i cant wait for more. :)

  8. Trypno says:

    I'm usually happy that I'm able to play off the fact that I got a little freaked out coming in the door, nobody notices, so nobody says anything.

  9. claynferno says:

    OMG great Chuck Jones cartoon! Thanks guys!

  10. Atcote says:

    This is certainly my favorite storyline in Octopus Pie… It's how I feel in the dark when alone all the time (something I never quite got over it in my childhood, like I was 'meant to').

  11. Kyle H. says:

    Cripes – if "The Dover Boys" doesn't perk Eve up, nothing will.

    You're hopeless, girl.

  12. asia says:

    HO-LEE crap! i didn't know anyone outside of my household knew that cartoon existed

  13. ross says:

    i like how the media / overheard stuff in this comic aligns with the narrative. this happens to me a lot, i'll turn on the radio in a particular mood and hear something, or walk by a couple talking and hear something that seems right on the beat for what i'm experiencing. so that seems very real to me, and not contrived – and i'm not crazy, it's just the way perception / reality works sometimes i think?