#306 – what do you want

July 3rd, 2009

#306 – what do you want

Have a great holiday weekend, US Americans! Grillin’ and chillin’ for all of you. I command it.


Discussion (41)¬

  1. Krae says:

    I don't like what Donovan is implying there.

  2. whatwith says:

    Please don't make bad things happen to Snowy. It will crush me.

  3. Tekkactus says:

    As a dog owner, Snowy is infinitely hilarious. If I had a nickle every time I've seen that face…

  4. gormster says:

    He wants food, you silly woman. A dog's needs are simple and obvious. You've got food on the bench. He wants it.

  5. Ben Rankel says:

    Dogs are easy to handle – cats are trouble!

  6. Sanja says:

    Man that jerk in the third panel is a real jerk. God, what a jerk.

  7. Krimson says:

    Donovan is like the biggest jerkass ever. He does not deserve to be wearing a Dirty Projectors t-shirt.

  8. David Waltergart says:


  9. Cornelius says:

    Who dares speak ill of Donavon, the greatest character in the history of Octopus Pie?

  10. Clueless says:

    this looks so much like a looney tunes(toons?) cartoon

    love it!

  11. D says:

    That dog wants more CAT POOP.

    You know this is true.

    Quick, get the cat!

  12. Colleen Sheehy says:

    He's not humping your leg, Hanna, m'dear, so that leaves food, walkies, or fun'ngames – go find him a stick or a ball to fetch. Dogs are easy – MEN are hard!

  13. Mike Leung says:

    Is Marek writing a book? 8,500 words is a big chapter. And he sounds like he's speaking from a good zone.

  14. Danyell says:

    If Snowy is bothering her, he must need to eat, poop or play. If he needed to sleep, then he'd just do it. But dogs have only 4 real needs and taking him for a walk can satisfy 2 at once. Boo-yah! Give the dog to me, I know all!

  15. Wykstrad says:

    Awww, the dog's so happy that Hannah's giving it attention.

  16. emlove says:

    She's so cute when her face is all mashed up on the doggie. :) this made my day…

  17. Scott Bieser says:

    Hannah seems to be turning into Eve.

  18. Jordanne says:

    Haahahahaha Snowy's face when Hanna shoves hers into his is exactly like my boyfriend's dog looks all the time. "omg-people-hey-I'm-so-happy-to-see-you-I'm-going-to-sit-on-your-foot…"

  19. AmandaRenee says:

    I think there is something wrong with me. This comic makes me WANT a dog. Its big stupid face is just so happy!

  20. dartigen says:

    I wish my dog were that simple – food, play, open that door for me, I can't reach that and I want it, I am overexcited about a car ride…guhh, my Border Collie can bark and whine about anything.

  21. John K says:

    isnt that all dog's mission statement?

  22. Almost Literally says:

    Snowy is SO cute, and looks younger here. Or maybe just happier. Also, I agree with the Donovan thing.

  23. Simonbagel says:

    Every time I read the last four panels, I chuckle out loud to myself. I've probably read it six or seven times now, and it still makes me laugh.

  24. Mer says:

    This is me and my cat, like every day. "WHAT. WHAT IS IT." "Meooooooooooow."

  25. Brookums says:

    I love the background of panel 4. That's what my apartment looks like everytime I leave my dog unattended in the living room.

  26. lizziebear says:

    Snowy's face in panel five makes me laugh every time.

    He looks an Hannah as if to say, "Hello, I love you, yes I do."

  27. Avenue Hebrew says:

    I like the dog more than I like Hanna.

    There, I said it.

  28. dodoman1 says:

    This comic features some of the greatest facial expressions of all time. Panel 5 makes me laugh every time I see it.

  29. Josh Kaplan says:

    I really love the way Snowy is drawn in this.

  30. Jesse says:

    Dirty Projectors fits that guy so well

  31. justme says:

    panel 7 is pretty much the greatest thing ever IMO

  32. Dan says:

    Bitte Fucking Orca. I love this comic sooo much.

  33. Daang, I've been writing nonstop all month and I've only made 2000 words. Maybe I should stop reading comics while I write.