guest comic – jason fischer & greg khmara

June 19th, 2009

guest comic – jason fischer & greg khmara

Today’s comic comes to you from one of my favorite artists and soon-to-be Portland neighbors, Jason “JFish” Fischer! I’ve wanted Jason to do a guest strip for a while now, and I’m pleased as punch to be running one! The idea for this strip comes from Andrew Miller and Greg Khmara, the latter of whom is working with Jason on a fantastic graphic novel, The Tabouli Bros., for which I’m absolutely psyched. Check out Jason’s wonderful art!


Discussion (25)¬

  1. Oliver says:

    Despite her best efforts, I suspect Eve will never be a honky tonk woman.

  2. colormist says:

    Cutest pie ever.

  3. ladymercury says:

    Ohmygoodness the little monkey's so CUTE!!! LET'S NAME HIM SEYMOUR!

    … Gah. Been reading too many Dino Comics again. Exclamation mark overload.

  4. Avenue Hebrew says:

    I'm amused by the fact that, according to the credits at the top of the comic, it took at least three people to conceive this one strip.

    • Krimson says:

      That is why it is three times as awesome as normal strips.

      PROBOSCIS MONKEY, YESSSSS. They are like little trolls of the rainforest.

  5. Intriguing.. the latest storyline has given me a different perspective upon Hanna's personality and this guest strip gets it right on! She is sweet and innocent, but she is self-absorbed and borderline sociopath, she cares little for others as long as they play their role in her fantasy World…

    I once had a girlfriend like that, that might be why I am so attentive to Hanna lately.

  6. SCHWOAH says:

    Does anyone else get a Superjail vibe from the art style?

  7. I love this.

    How does one acquire monkeys so easily?

  8. MIB4u says:

    oh, now that I think of it, and since it hasn't occured since comic 300: I demand more nakedness…! especially female nakedness. yes.

  9. Pseudomancer says:

    Genuine rofls every time I look at the last panel… I like how Mr Tonk RADIATES DARKNESS.

    Hanna, frame 4… !

  10. Avenue Hebrew says:

    I just noticed Eve is reading Silent Spring in the first panel. Is this a means of foreshadowing the ecological hazards in introducing monkeys to a Brooklyn apartment?

  11. MerchManDan says:

    Hanna sure is a lot stronger than she looks, being able to push Mr. Honky Tonk around like that.

  12. Tom says:


    The best guest strip ever.

  13. pyano says:

    The art style is very reminiscent of old j-horror manga…..nice.

    • JFish says:

      That's one of the best compliments I have ever received, thank you! I love Go Nagai and Junji Ito specifically, although Ito is more current. You'll love my comic Tabouli BROS. if you like that Japanese horror look, lots of high detail monstrous beasts!

  14. Missie says:

    The little "monkey" in the diaper is actually a chimpanzee, not a monkey at all.

    • JFish says:

      Thank you for making that point, we (Greg and I) did not actually understand the difference between monkeys and apes upon reading your comment. We looked that up and discovered the difference. You're the only person who has made note of this! I now know the difference and will not make that mistake again :)

  15. INGRID says:

    oh man this captures hanna's personality so well. ^_^

  16. JXL76 says:

    Pheck no let's stay in It's in the third cupboard on the left, behind the olive oil. ,

  17. Sean says:

    Calling apes monkeys is exactly what Hanna would do.

  18. JayZeroSnake says:

    Hm…When I read these comics of yours, I seem to imagine this being alot like clerks.

  19. This Guy says:

    That monkey is kinda freaky