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John Keogh is renowned for making some of the most badass guest comics in all the land. When he agreed to do one for me I knew we were all in for a good, slightly disturbing thing. John does the world famous medical drama Lucid TV. Read and enjoy.

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  1. I have no idea what just happened.

    1. to smoke hashish you heat up a knife and press the hashball tween two knives inhaling the vapors through a straw.

  2. Yeah, I love the style, but also am feeling a little wtf. Beautiful though.

  3. Me neither.

    He has… radioactive blood… or made of antimatter… which when combined with hers made a knife burst into flame… and then he snorted a Pixie Stick?

  4. My best guess: Jacob needed an assistant to hold his drug paraphernalia, which happened to be a knife. Julie immediately assumed it was a suicide pact, 'cause she's just that way. Fortunately it ends with Jacob passed out on the floor and Julie keeping him from drowning in his own vomit, which is really win-win (again, 'cause she's just that way).

    1. Ah! This comment helped me make more sense of the comic. And maybe it was the blood from Julie's arm that made Jacob passout, since he inhaled blood along with his drugs?

  5. It made more sense to me after watching this

  6. =( I didn't get it at first either, now I feel stoopid.

    Lucid TV is great, his QC guest strip is the best though:
    It's so good that there's even a print of it available:

  7. Hes hot knifing I think.

  8. There's a method of smoking marijuana called hot knifing (or spots or whatever, here's a Wikipedia link and that's what's going on this comic. Jacob needed help hot knifing his weed so he called Julie up. Then he smoked way too much and threw up. Boy howdy have _I_ been there.

    1. Hot knifing you normally do with the harder drugs or hash/keef, I think he's doing something harder that just pot. Besides, since when do people puke after smoking some weed? In my experience, weed KEEPS you from throwing up, hahaha. But I agree with the rest or your explanation.

      1. You have clearly not been smoking enough.

        1. This makes speaks the truth. Time travel back to last Halloween and watch me take a puff from a joint then book it to the bathroom.

        2. really? That's weird since one of the main reasons for an AIDS patient to be using weed it to stimulate their appetite due to chemotherapy killing your digestive system.

        3. Any form of Marijuana is going to be a lot less likely to make an experienced user vomit, but harder drugs can continue to make even a hard addict keep puking up It can happen with (as far as I know) any drug– I puked from my first and only cigarette. There's also the overdose explanation, as with hot knifing it's pretty easy to snort a little hard. Especially someone new to the procedure!

          I can't believe I've been reading this long and the only time I've felt brave enough to comment is about drugs. Christ.

      2. If you smoke too much weed while also intermittently smoking a ton of cigarettes and drinking tons of Lipton Lemon Flavored Iced Tea, you WILL puke all night long, weed's anti-nausea properties be damned!

  9. Ah, I assumed he had a hot knife that he held onto the knife that was covered in her blood, and that he then inhaled the fumes of her blood.

  10. Haha what Mike said is, I imagine, the correct assumption, that was a funny one.

  11. Knife hits are up there with taking your date to Paris

  12. haha John, you're amazing!

  13. Hmm, I'm disturbed that my guess seems to be correct.

    Look, if you want a *good* delivery system, call UPS.

  14. Oh, wow, what in the world…


  15. I have read this comic six times and I still do not understand what is going on.

    1. Basically, freebasing.

      1. it's nothing but mischievous in nature. He's taking knife hits. With pot. Lots of people do them. Not where I live but I've seen a lot of people do them. Perfect pacing this comic has, even a little ambiguous at first glance.

        Plus Julie thought they were gonna do ritual love suicide. Hahahaha.

  16. Aw look at Julie in panel 9… I don't know if that's disgust or just a tragic resignation to the ways of guys.

    "I'll… see you on the other side, my love."

    1. Definitely sad resignation.

      Does anyone else here think that Jacob could have done that by himself though? He puts the weed on one of the knives beforehand, heats the other up, puts the straw in his mouth…Methinks he was out to play with Julie's emotions. Also, he is very lucky he didn't stab himself with the knives when he passe out!

  17. Holy crap it looks like he has more arm hair than Mr. Honky Tonk in this strip. Groooooosssssss.

    1. yeah, but they're tattoos… still…

  18. I don't think anyone even does this anymore, seriously. Wasn't it just some 80s fad?

  19. The knife being present would have been enough for me to leave

  20. Wow, what the heck, learn something knew every day.

    This looks really stupid, and yet now I'm tempted to try.

  21. I agree with Nate.

    I'm still wtf..

  22. Ya Hot Knifing is usually used for cocain or heroin, I have never in my life heard of someone using hot knifing even for hash or keef. It's like a real ghetto crack head sorta thing rather then recreational lol

    1. K, I've never done anything harsher than pot, and even then it was either a pipe or joint. But… wouldn't it be easier to use two spoons? Put the drug in one, heat the other, then spoon it inside the other one, squeazing them as you go, with the straw in your mouth? One handed hits! *shrug* maybe that's what drugs do to ya!

  23. Julie is more than a little messed up, to the point where this is more tragic than funny.

  24. Lollll. He would do hot knives. Weed can definitely make you sick especially if you've been drinking. I know some people that only smoke hash because weed makes them too ill. Although, curiously, if Jacob was hot knifing then he would have to be smoking hash… huh.

  25. This comic left a bad taste in my mouth. It ended up being more sad than funny for me.

    1. Totally agree. :S

    2. This is….disturbing.

  26. It took me a minute, but I got it eventually; hot-knifing. I've been around friends who did that, but I don't remember doing it myself. Which isn't really proof that I didn't do it.

  27. Eh, the line between sad and funny is a very thin one, and this comic strip dances it very well.

  28. yikes, i'm too young for knife-on-knife action.

  29. Sidenote: this is allegedly why Indian Gukra knives have two tiny knives that are housed in the main sheath

  30. I do this all the time. here in New Zealand it is a VERY common way to smoke weed. and YES you can do this by yourself, though it takes a bit of skill and practise…. Or if you are like me you can cut a hole in a glass bottle and spot yourself all day long!!!!

  31. didn't anyone else think that this could've been a weird romeo/juliet mutual suicide thing? at least that's what I thought when I saw the knife on his wrist in panel 5 or 4.1…

    1. Yeah — only RtVD and Omega (above) noticed the rather obvious here — she CUT HERSELF, and he's TAKING KNIFE HITS OF HER BLOOD. Hence the scene where she's slitting her wrists, and the following scene where he's taking hits off that same knife. A new take on Romeo and Juliet 🙂

      This is par for the course for John Keogh (see the above link to Lucid TV). His illustration is gorgeous and his subject matter gruesome — you can't help but read because it's so beautiful, and you usually regret it once you have.

  32. This looks a lot like Charles Burns, it caught me off guard.

  33. Wow, Julie needs some fukken help, particularly the kind where she learns that the non-existent love of a shiftless prick is not worth ending her life.

    …Okay, this strip may have rubbed me the wrong way more than is usually allowed for some reason.

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