#289 – liberty interlude

May 15th, 2009

#289 – liberty interlude

This comic is not part of the current story, which we’ll be back to on Monday. Just something to tide you over until I’m no longer distracted with website rebuilding (starting now!).

Hopefully this is the last time OP will experience server troubles. The common issue is the site gets too big, melts down, and needs to be better accommodated elsewhere. As far as complaints go it’s not a bad one to have, but yeah, hopefully no more meltdowns.


Discussion (53)¬

  1. Carl Sitler says:

    I love the color style and oh my god…
    It is still May 14th as I am posting it, 9:00pm.


  2. Keltie says:

    Wow! That's beautiful!

  3. Blue says:

    I love how the sky looks in the first panel! And Hanna's sound effects :)

    Is this page going to stay here, in the middle of the story arc, or is it going to be moved to a different section later?

  4. l says:

    colour page looks fucking amazing. :)

    • walnut49 says:

      I almost didn't notice for a second, because it fits so well with the way my imagination colours them anyway…

  5. Harry says:

    Hahaha, my eyes literally widened when the page came up. Super fantastic job! 😀

  6. michelle says:

    I always imagine Marek to sound like the kinda hippy guy with the monotone voice in that cartoon Mission Hill.

  7. Katie says:

    Beautiful! These are always so good, but this one is just beautiful.

  8. Sarah says:

    I just keep on staring and staring at the colors on this page. Simply gorgeous. Did you color this on the computer?

  9. Scott says:

    Oh my god. I was not prepared for this. I always thought octopus pie could look good with the right use of color, but this blew my damn mind

  10. Amy says:

    WOW the color is amazing! Keep up the awesome work!

  11. darrylayo says:

    I was just thinking that I haven't seen you take on full color before. This is so very sweet. I hope you'll find time to make more painted Octopies every now and then!

  12. JoeMcGro says:

    This is a very nice shock! Could you make prints of this one, Mer? I would love to buy a print (if not the original art) and I'm sure most readers would too.

    I wish you could do more random color interludes.

    But seriously, prints?

  13. Randall Drew says:

    Color is epic, EPIC I say. I do hope you gift us with more color in the future! I still love the open, spread panel at the top. Great depth!

  14. Keram2 says:

    First Jackie’s Fifth Amendment, then the Greenwood Cemetery, and now Sunset Park? South Brooklyn represent!

  15. Chris Jones says:

    It's really rare to not lose anything in translation from ink to color. Really masterfully done.

  16. melpritchard says:

    Very beautiful colors and exceptionally well written – your work is always worth the wait!

  17. Shift says:

    That's exactly how I feel about all the DC monuments.

    Love the colors!

  18. Zephy says:

    Already been said several times, but the coloring is beautiful. Amazing job.

  19. THE Ted says:

    Getting too big is a GOOD thing, we can all suffer a little downtime for growth.

  20. srab says:

    augh the colors are AMAZING. brightened my morning, they did.

  21. Anon_The_Third says:

    Oh man, this is brilliant! I'd seen you fussing with the website on Twitter, so I figured you'd not be updating for a while.

  22. Arvid says:

    Love the colors, their texture's amazing.

  23. VinKong says:

    I have been thinking the same thing for quite a while Michelle. Marek is voiced by Brian Posehn in my head. He's a 'ComedianOfComedy' who is in the SSilvermanProgram as well. great minds…

  24. Dani says:

    Unless those three are part of the current storyline, which would be kinda funny but odd, it makes sense! =D It's just a glimpse at what they're doing in the meantime!

  25. Satsuz says:

    I'd have to disagree on the Brian Posehn as Marek thing. He's an awesome guy and all, but he always sounds so depressed, or at best disinterested. Marek is infinitely more cheerful in his dialogue, and I think any voice he could have should fit that.

    I'm not saying this to dump on any of you, just my own personal opinion. And you could go FAR worse than picking Posehn. R. Lee Ermey, for example.

    Anyways… THE COLORS! OH MY GOD, THE COLORS! So much beauty. Thanks for the lovely surprise today, Mer.

  26. MerchManDan says:

    Fantastic. Full-colour comic, giant ice cream cone, Eve's ZOMG-you-guys-are-so-weird expression in the last panel….simply fantastic.

  27. Orange says:

    Beautiful work! Sunset park I'm guessing?

    Next time you're down there, be sure to grab some tamales from stand at Evelyn Mini Market

  28. Sam says:

    Oh my god the colors are amazing. (Yeah, I know, not very original. But it's true.)

  29. Albedo says:

    Wow! More colour strips please!

    Perhaps they should replace the Statue every year or so, like the Fourth Plinth (http://www.london.gov.uk/fourthplinth/) but on a much grander scale.

  30. so says:

    that was really motherfucking funny.

  31. pillcake says:

    omg Jim is Posehn?! never realized that!

  32. Stuart says:

    This looks awesome. I'm a first-time visitor to the site, and as a local, I realized it was Sunset Park (and not just because of the judicious placement of her Ladyship) – you nailed the colors, the jumble of buildings between the grass and the harbor…the open feel.

    Great stuff.

  33. Alex says:

    Tempura pun = hilarious!

    lovely colours

  34. This is awesome. 😀

    For just a second, I thought I was reading My Stupid Life with watercolors by Nation of Amanda! Ha!

  35. Yawney says:

    I lol'd at this one so hard. I always mega-lol at the Marek-Hanna dialogues. They are the visual equivalent of ukulele music, I've decided. SO GOOD.

  36. Doug says:

    Wow, 2 weeks ago I was in that very park! Thanks. Now I'm back home in Denver. NYC rocks!

  37. Omega says:

    Amazing job with the colour — it's a great way to break from the arc. I just wish I could've seen the statue at all during our trip to NYC.

  38. danineteen says:

    COLOUR! It looks GOOD!

  39. mr. sunshine says:

    omg the colors on this are gorgeous

  40. Beat says:

    weird… they look exactly like I thought they would in color.

  41. Super Awesome! says:

    Interestingly enough, Ellis Island used to serve immigrants ice cream for every meal, because they considered it a very American thing.

  42. Matt says:

    Wow, just beautiful!

  43. Harukio says:

    Ahhh! I saw color and instantly smiled!

    Love it!

  44. Jank says:

    Holy shit! Marek is a redhead?!?!

    Christ almighty, that just shatters my whole universe….

  45. Foxy_Ninja says:

    I always imagined Marek as blond, he's actually a burnette?!?!
    Anyway this color is beautiful, I'm amazed.

  46. NoahHall says:

    haha,tempura! good one

  47. "ConTEMPURAry New York youth enjoying their free time"