#288 – local hero

May 11th, 2009

#288 – local hero

I am making this post in the massively awesome wake of TCAF. Thanks so much to the webcomics fans who came in droves. Droves! I didn’t meet a person I didn’t like. (No, not even you.)

I’d like to make a blog post about TCAF, but the journey isn’t over. I’ll be back on the road for the States tomorrow morning, with dreams of Toronto in my head.


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  1. Melissa says:

    It was so awesome to meet you Meredith! :)

  2. meaghan says:

    I'm just sorry that all I could mumble out was 'keep up the good word.' It was really cool seeing the face behind the comic.

  3. Stacey says:

    Haha local hero, with a sticker to boot… thanks, that's just the funny I needed.

  4. David Waltergart says:

    Ditto, that sentiment. I am also very impressed to know your third book sold out at TCAF (even if it was only what you could bring in your luggage).

    I, for one, am sorry you got stuck in the hot back room.

    Safe journey home!

  5. Avatar_Pwnz says:

    I Laughed so hard about the part about Vermont XD

  6. algeya says:

    hey! dont blame Mexico from all drug trades,

  7. Julia says:

    I concur – everyone I met on Saturday was amazing. It's reassuring knowing that the creators of the comics I love to read aren't a bunch of d-bags, and it's interesting seeing how you all interact and seem to be buddies. So thanks for tolerating my dorky admiration while I loitered by your (and R Stevens) table!

    I will definitely pick up books 2 & 3 of yours when I have the dollars. Loved the first one.

  8. Shift says:

    What's the green text say on the button?

  9. Keltie says:

    It was fantastic to meet you! I'm awfully socially awkward so it was kind of nice to have baby Essie as a buffer and talk about her a lot to people, but you were not scary at all. :) I love the Manuel mustache sketch, btw! Thanks for everything.

  10. B says:

    They're so gonna get busted. 😀

  11. radishey says:

    This = awesome.

  12. Ron says:

    Thanks again for the "Hanna enjoys sushi" sketch. Hope you got to see more of Toronto besides the back-room of the Research Library. I'll post some good Veggie restaurant links for the next time you're in town.

  13. DRC says:

    it was cool meeting you at tcaf, i was the one who ran back from eating burgers to get the two books and could only afford the one after you signed them. sorry again for that. hope you got some more awesome poutine before you left.

  14. Nate Fakes says:

    Nice! I like the button.

  15. Devin says:

    I am a fairly new-ish reader and I am -loving- this story arc!

  16. Yawney says:

    Will is more like a loco hero, amirite?


    I am so, so sorry. That was awful.

    Paranoid Will is the best Will that ever was!

  17. Taper says:

    I love how Marigold is dressed up like a French spy.

  18. Alain says:

    Looks like she's aspiring to become a modern version of Carmen Sandiego. I like to think her hat is red and that ribbon/band is yellow.

  19. Mike Leung says:

    I heard the story of the submarine drug smugglers on WNYC. A 10 or 20 ton shipment means the smugglers can walk away from a $500k submarine built in the third world after they're done.

  20. ZombieJulie says:

    Hey! I'm from VT and I take offense!

    Kidding, kidding.

    I'm probably the one he's getting it from.

  21. Rustacean says:

    haha, i love will

  22. enchantedsleeper says:

    Wow, Meredith, you go everywhere! I saw you at the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing in March. (Was it March?) I hope you come to England again :3

  23. Ron says:

    Will's statement on paranoia just made desktop.

    It could be the mission statement for software testing.

  24. Matt says:

    "No, not even you."

    OMG, that's a relief!!!

    It was great meeting you Mer, thanks! :)

  25. Munkiman says: