#284 – spice odyssey

April 29th, 2009

#284 – spice odyssey

And here’s a new storyline! Octopus Pie in no way condones this sort of behavior at work.


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  1. wtf says:

    wtf paul barman on deltron?!

  2. Marissa says:

    I like the slam poetry in the alt text. :)

  3. Dishliquid says:

    There you go quoting Deltron 3030 again.

  4. BG says:

    wow, marigold – how many times have *I* felt like that at work?

    to be fair to the customer: come on now, we're in a recession. if organic were cheaper than bio-engineered, everyone would buy it.

    • Iaman says:

      True that, BG, true that.

      (whether you're in a recession, a starving college student/artist, or some combination of the two, bio-engineered is simply too cheap to promote real competition)

      • BG says:

        It's kind of funny in a way, the irony… you would think that the more materials/science/effort into bio-engineered foods, it would come out theoretically more expensive but because of advancements and overstock, it isn't. Whereas, organic which could take up the least amount of effort (I mean, take your compost and check on the garden every once in a while), it's the most expensive.

        It's like we're living in Produce Crazyland.

        • Jillian says:

          commercially produced organic food crops are not as simple as composting in a home garden. think of it on a vast scale, the kind needed to feed millions of people. Its extremely expensive to develop organic fertilizers and weed controls on that scale. Also, there is a reason compost isn't the most popular fertilizer– it isn't truly all that effective on a large scale. It lacks phosphorous and potassium, two major plant nutrients.

      • blargh says:


        This is funny, because I went to the local supermegagrocerymart and was looking to get some produce and a few canned goods. I was annoyed to find that everything was more expensive there than the organics available at Whole Foods. I came to get fruit and a few knick-knacks and I left with some discounted foreign spices and one can of coconut juice.

        But really, though, just because its organic doesn't mean it isn't GM (in the States, anyways).

        Just puttin' that out there.

    • Carvin says:

      I wouldn't… but then again, I'm just considering the carbon footprint, the natural resource use and land needs.

      But, I don't see what organic food has to do with air filters.

  5. David Waltergart says:

    Or – you can buy ground cinnamon and put it out in little dishes.

    Same effect.

    Mind you, smoking is a pretty good expression of disgust with the situation… imagine going to Bed & Bath to save money?

  6. Malcolm says:

    Air filter? What the heck is an air filter? (I know where the air filter is on my car, but that doesn't look like an auto parts store…)

    The drawing of the item being purchased makes it look kind of like a bar of soap? I am a big fan of OP but this one has me thoroughly confused! ???????

    • Kiwi says:

      An air filter in this context is one of those little boxes you plug into an electrical outlet that makes a room smell good.

      apparently this particular one absorbs bad odor, even >->;

      • Malcolm says:

        I think you’re thinking of an “air freshener” or “room freshener” as opposed to an “air filter.” (Those plug-in things are disgusting, by the way. They take some sort of oily liquid and turn it into a pungent odor that is way worse than nothing at all.)

    • qwertyx7 says:

      It's for airconditioners. Whether it be for those that you stick in the window or central air conditioning.

      • JT says:

        It's the wrong shape for that kind of air filter, whether for a window box AC or a central one. Maybe it's for those portable air purifiers? Those aren't scented, though.

        Did I just give my age away by knowing how to differentiate household products? Crap.

  7. typicalspoon says:

    i get that track from the alt text in my head pretty frequently, mainly whenever a certain type of customer comes by the shop…and what is this place, bed & bath 3000?

  8. KMoney says:

    Is she smoking a butt or a joint?

  9. trigbees says:

    Definitely a joint, think of who she's dating…

  10. PanzerNet says:

    I'm from the Midwest and we all call em "Plug-ins"

  11. Angela says:

    I absolutely LOVE the air filter in the last two panels.

    Cinnamon-y fresh!

  12. tastyjustice says:

    haha, yessss plug-ins. ahh, midwest slang how I love thee.

    I'm so glad we got to see more of this character! She seems very interesting.

    Also, it would have sucked sweaty monkey balls if she had just been a generic 'Will's G-friend" character.

  13. jbrader says:

    "Octopus Pie in no way condones this sort of behavior at work." (Italics mine). Yeah…

  14. Dan says:

    So… you don't condone smoking at work. How about drinking a six pack on your lunch break? If you don't condone that either, I may be in trouble.

  15. slife says:

    I liked your comic before, but Deltron in the alt text? You now have a fan for life.

  16. Camilo says:

    The filter converting the weed smell into Cinnamon at the end just did it for me! I love the little things in life.

  17. MerchManDan says:

    It definitely must be frustrating to be passionate about something only to have some douche totally shoot you down.

    Oh wait…."must be?" It totally IS.

  18. Miranda says:

    So sorry to hear about your grandmother, my condolences

  19. Jim VW says:

    Of course I use the T hangs down, M pokes up (not a useful lyric yet)…all hail Portland, and all curse shyness. Sigh.

  20. BigSexyJerk says:

    Love the last panel. Squirt o' cinammon.

  21. Kau the Lion says:

    Deltron for the win. This comic just doubled in coolness.

  22. alex, anotha funky h says:

    hey, loved the deltron 3030 reference in the alt text for the comic prior. Keepin it fresh, you should also check out del tha funky homosapien's fresh stuff, he was one of the rappers in that cd.

  23. DELTRON! Oh man, that silly patriarch. I've been spinning that album lately too, so that's kind of crazy

  24. M R Blackup says:

    …. This is old. but after reading form the first comic, until now. I had to post because of your alt text. Thannnkkk youuuu You made my night!

  25. Hazy says:

    And from those chocolate chips.. I shall make cookies! 😀

  26. rapawnsel says:

    i love that theres deltron 3030 lyrics when you leave the mose over the comic :)

  27. Marv says:

    No shit, that song was playing when I was reading this, and I only just got the album yesterday, which is also when I started reading this from the beginning, which only happened because I bothered to read Dead Winter's news posts and saw the link to your webcomic and… all those are somehow connected.

    But still. Cosmic.

  28. @melbaghost says:

    hole fuckamole how many weeks is 306 weeks ago because that is. wow. Wow. okay. i need to . think

  29. @melbaghost says:

    weird things: i'm posting this exactly 6 years from when this page was posted (entirely by accident, mind you, since that's just when i happened to land on it on my first read-through of OP in fucking ages; I'm nowhere near caught up since…i haven't been keeping up with it since 2009) and i see my comment from 306 weeks ago, which means it was posted only a month or two after this comic came out originally. Life Is Fucked

  30. @melbaghost says:

    since then: a new deltron album came out and i saw deltron 3030 in concert and it was magic. wish paul barman was there for an interlude but clint eastwood as an encore made up for it

  31. I'm so happy we got the chance to see a greater amount of this character! She appears to be extremely fascinating.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Is that a grenade notice in the bottom right? Alt text might be nice, but I can’t see it on mobile ????