#269 – still a minor

March 13th, 2009

#269 – still a minor

Happy Friday! One week and counting ’til Webcomics Weekend! Run run run run.


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  1. Scott Bieser says:

    Oh, man. I can imagine so many ways this could go wrong. I can't wait.

    • michelle4jerusalem says:

      yes, yes, and yes! ning's saved this jerk time & time again, but what if one time things went horribly wrong, yet somehow oh-so-right? she's too smart to work for ollie her whole life anyway. and yeah, mor is growing on me too! excellent sibling fun – bet hannah and marek up loving mor too!

  2. Jim Thorpe says:

    Great storytelling skills.

  3. Aaron says:

    The power of the blueberry muffin compels you! 😉

  4. Aarbear says:

    I think Mor is now my favorite secondary character. His expressions are priceless.

  5. Babs says:

    I am LOVING this storyline!!

  6. Ryan says:

    I never imagined Eve could look sweet, she looks so damn cute in this strip, love her.

    And I´m guessing this will go real nice, since it´s their childhood dream and all.

    Greetings from Mexico ^o^

  7. David Waltergart says:

    My compliments on yet another beautifully crafted page.

    Mer, am I imagining that Olly is essentially a very burned-out image of Mor (or rather, that Mor is a fresher image of Olly)?

    Despite Scott's misgivings, surely this can't go as badly as the Rooftop skate-jump. Unless there's bad peanut butter in the bulk section…

  8. Scott says:

    Good one. Love the second to last panel.

  9. Hanku says:

    Who copped off Eve's legs D:

  10. shallot says:

    This is going to be very excellent.

  11. Tomfox says:

    I like the dirty look Mor gives Eve in panel 5.

  12. Kyle Orland says:

    So remember…

    when you're in the supermarket and you hear that *beep*

    you could be the next contestant on:


  13. coughman says:

    johnny rosin up yer bow and play yer fiddle hard…

  14. Stromson says:

    *content sigh* I love this comic. Meredith, you're my favorite.

  15. Stephen says:

    This storyline makes me smile. I can't wait to see it unfold.

  16. Gabriel says:

    hehe, is that a "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" reference on the last penal? is so then this comic is more amazing then I thought!

  17. Kevin says:

    I love how the last two panels played out. It makes everything so much more ridiculous. :)

  18. Nostalgia factor?

    Hell yes!

  19. jenna says:

    "Not Without My Vitamin Water" – love it!

  20. Dan says:

    So, if contestants are to keep the goods, and they are the home team, and they do so fantastic, they will obviously out-do the competition thus living their dream but leaving the store or more likely themselves with a good chunk of the unwanted products. Will it turn out this way? I'm hoping to be proven wrong.

  21. Randall Drew says:

    I can feel the heat coming off of Mor's face as he "evil eyes" Eve. Hillarious!

  22. Ben says:

    Any one who is brilliant enough to thread together an entire storyline centering on Super Market Sweep desires mass amounts of adulation.

  23. Lemon says:

    For some odd reason, when I saw Otto in the 2nd and 3rd panels, I thought his nose was his mouth…He was all like :3 and I was all like :O

  24. Dominique says:

    God, I love this comic. I think I just love older-sister-younger-brother dynamics (although I am biased for a reason 😛 ).

  25. ChagrinnedGoat says:

    Mor seems to be missing his eyebrows in the first panel.