#196 – love comics #1

September 17th, 2008

#196 – love comics #1


Discussion (12)¬

  1. Laff says:

    God, PLEASE do something like this again
    one of my FAVS!

  2. hamster doom360 says:

    Huh. Julie has red hair and Jacob still looks like a douche. I guess it doesn't really matter how you draw him. lol

  3. Hanz Bumanuv says:

    I never would have guessed about the red hair (except maybe her brother's freckles should have been a clue). I wish I could do this style.

  4. Ian says:

    Jacob looks a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal.

  5. Tatiana says:

    Heh…I always thought Julie was a blonde…

  6. JayZeroSnake says:


  7. Catherine says:

    awesome ;-;.

    this looks very roy lichtenstein-esque…

  8. Fady says:

    A pretty face AND good lucks?

    Well shit sign me up who can ask for more

  9. eeagle says:

    Anyone else notice the "Organix Approved" sticker in the upper right? Fuck I love that dog

  10. Marv says:

    Oh, it's a lip piercing. Whooops.

  11. Stacy says:

    I wanna see Hanna all colored up!