#069 – kind of funny

November 7th, 2007

#069 – kind of funny


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  1. Rob says:

    i don't see it, where's Reagan?

    • Yawney says:

      I think you have to be super inebriated to see Reagan in a plate of eggs, or even Tupac in a shrimp platter.

    • Alex says:

      look at the highest part of the eggs. the first line just below it is his left eyebrow, & the line just to this right of it is his right. the line just below THAT is his right eye. I'm pretty sure it's closed.

  2. Nameless Stranger says:

    Oh, I see him!

  3. bob says:

    Mr, Gorbachev tear down this wall! Tear it down! REAGAN SMASH!!!

  4. kvweber says:

    Segue from memory to reality via sepia-tone: freakin' fantastic.

  5. Earl says:

    After re-reading this strip for the third or fourth time, I think I actually see President Reagan in those eggs.

  6. @NeonFungi says:

    I wonder who Hanna's "man" is (Marek's right there). Hmmm….