#944 – so breathtaking

Is this to suggest Hanna is rethinking her stance on children? She's coming to see the benefits, at least. But with Marek, or anyone in particular? If you can't see it, there's nothing to fulfill. An artisan and aesthete like Hanna knows this best.

5 thoughts on “#944 – so breathtaking

  1. Why do I feel like that last panel is about relationships…

    1. I always meant to write up a big list of all the double-meanings and entendres in Octopus Pie. I think I have like ten written down but there's so many.

  2. The Anderson Cooper line still holds. 🙂

    1. Andersoon Cooper has been alive for hundreds of years and will live for hundreds more; a beautiful, silver demigod around which people gossip in hushed tones "wow he looks really good for a forty-something, or however old he is"

  3. Just realized that she's picking a morel. And offering a "moral", of sorts, to Will. What a great visual pun.

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