#922 – appreciate the classics

So yes, there is something wistful and sentimental about this whole ritual. When there's more than one, tattoos really do mark the ages: all the old loves, rivalries and entanglements, where we were, who was there, and what we were thinking when those decisions were made.

Broken Social Scene and that whole Canadian indie wave felt so young to me, the wall of sound and pop riffs and whispered desire. In comics I had a very small pool of friends who engaged with music the way I did, when I desperately wanted to talk about it. I didn't have much going on socially in those days, devoting most of my waking time to work. Overall - and maybe inevitably - I spent a lot of time alone with my thoughts on music, wishing I could find that kind of excitement and energy and romance in other aspects of my life. I only did so later on, when youth had all but slipped away, and the music felt stale. The music revealed its uselessness as any sort of template, and became more of a backdrop to a fulfilling life. Now the music, too, is a mark of days well spent.

6 thoughts on “#922 – appreciate the classics

  1. I never heard this song but I just listened to it and it is good. Bless you, internet.

  2. I always wondered if Hanna's comment is implying she's actually in her early 30's. Larry is definitely 30, Will is "pushing 30" so either 28 or 29.

    This is what I do, I desperately try to ascertain the ages of fictional characters to compare where my life is at with theirs.

  3. Chuckled at Hanna's face when somebody called a song from the late 00's a "classic".

    1. Somebody experienced enough to tattoo them, even; somebody who can't be all that young, so they all must be all that old.

  4. I adore all the different eyeball shapes in the last panel.

  5. My favorite moment here is when one jumps from the speech bubble "try not to twitch" to Will's single "WTF that HURT!" rage eyeball. Especially funny since Larry's obviously feeling no pain in more senses than one. It's a charming part of their friendship that despite will being such a badass and Larry being so chill, Larry's *much* tougher.

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