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  1. Damn. I was so sure this page would be a bunch of armed uniformed ob/gyn staff arresting Eve for violating the 1 week rule.

    1. It's why I hate when this comic goes into the absurd for an arc or two.

      1. You HATE it when this comic goes into the absurd?? Dude, weird.

    2. I laughed quite hard at this comment. Just the image of the No Sex For a Week medical Police.
      Haha, but who follows that rule?

      1. I follow those rules religiously! I also have like, borderline hypochondria. Knowing Eve isn't following the rule makes me cross my legs just thinking about it. :S

    3. You mean like the Vegan Police, from Scott Pilgrim?
      Dude, that would be amazing.

  2. Wow eve I been there, actually trying hard of not doing it again, thanks hope you do the same I'm doing…. Maybe…. Cause strong is really what I need to be

    1. You can do it dude. Be strong. If you were soulmates you never would have split up to begin with.

    2. You can do it! I did it too, and it hurt like hell. But I made it through.
      Seriously, you got this. Remember the progress you've made since them. Remember how awesome you are.

  3. Times change, people change.

    What do you think here… Better? Or worse?

  4. Eve, the churros are a sign! Listen to them! Run away!

    It should be fairly easy, since apparently Park can't get anywhere in those shoes.

  5. This whole situation makes me so nervous. Not that it can't ever work out, just seems like it's in dangerous territory. Sends a bad signal too, that the first time Park chooses to pick up a phone and call, Eve is eager to jump back in. It's about what he wants, not what she does, and she's leaving that choice to him so she doesn't have to examine it too closely. Not that he's acting considerately either, but we have a lot less insight into his motivations so I'm picking on Eve.

    Also, listen to your doctor Everest.

    1. I think the reason she's so willing to jump back in is because of those recurring dreams, maybe? They have been woven through the last couple of arcs (three at least?) almost as hints that something like this would have to happen soon.

      My interpretation is that since Hanna and Marek's breakup, Eve has been dwelling (whether consciously or not) on a part of herself she's not sure about, and trying to figure out the kind of future she wants for herself. So of course Park would call now, because life! Yay life!

      Anyway, I think despite this (or even because of it?) Eve is in a much better place than she was when they broke up, so however this Park stuff plays out she will come out of it relatively scrape-free. (Although maybe not gynacologically speaking -I'm not a doctor though)

  6. The Graduate, taxi edition.

    1. theres such a specific sadness to this that you totally pegged!

  7. Does anyone else think this sequence might be a dream? …like wish-fulfillment on the behalf of Eve? I'm not opposed to Park & Eve being in a relationship, but everything I remember makes it seem like Park has had almost no contact with Eve for years, so it seems weird that he would suddenly return and be this affectionate.

    1. I'd be on board with this except that it would be a real surprise in Gran's narrative style. Surprising things in octopus pie are usually real.

    2. Omg. Eve fell out of the ferris wheel and this is happening on the way down

  8. You can try to bank on old familiarity but Park just doesn't know eve anymore, not in the way he thinks. They know the memories of each other. Its heartbreaking, but years are a long time when you are in that part of your life. Eve is the best example of this. She's changed so much since she was with park. Who does he really think she is anymore?

    1. This is a really good point. We over analyze this comic because it so very closely mirrors life, and it does it fantastically. So asking that question is very poignant.

      I foresee Eve having to explain to Park that she isn't the Eve he remembers, and him getting this look on his face like the look he had when he broke with her after cheating on her. Weirdly enough, I think this will be good for Eve. Not painless, but good.

  9. Hey Meredith is there a reason we are getting so many comics? I'm not complaining! Just curious!

    1. Pretty sure it's the Patreon driving the amount of comics 🙂

      1. I checked the patreon other Laura and its still sitting at 10 a month which this is definitely exceeding.

        1. So the reason I\’m posting a lot of pages is I\’ve been behind for a couple of months. Assembling the new book files has really clogged up my drawing schedule, and now that I\’m done I have more time to catch up. For those keeping track at home, there are 2 pages left for April (1 is going up tomorrow, the other Valerie is coloring!), and then we\’re on to May.

        2. Thanks for answering! Good to know theres another comic waiting for me tomorrow!

  10. This arc is gonna give me anxiety cramps… I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

  11. This is not going to end well, is it?

  12. It looks like Park is Mr. No-glasses-I-just-wear-contacts, now. *Shrugs*.

    1. definitely hotter like this imo. not that glasses can't add to a person's looks, but

      1. For me glasses add to a man's looks. They accentuate those eyes.

  13. Ahh how perfectly awkward it is that Park's little teasing joke fails and momentarily breaks the spell of their nostalgia trip.
    And the question of "do they miss each other, or just that moment of time that they represent to eachother?" is still there…

    The art and the coloring has been phenomenonal for this story.
    I just love the complexity of the personalities of the characters and how they interact and evolve.

    1. I find myself missing the idea of a person more than the actual person. Time has made you tune out all the bad. Its odd because people are said to remember bad things more than good, but with relationships the past is somehow seen through rose colored glasses. Unless a break up was particularly nasty, I tend to see things fondly. Its only when I focus on the details I notice the cracks.


  15. This story arc is very realistic and as sad as it is that this can't possibly turn out in the way that Eve hopes, hopefully it'll wake her up from her hanging on to nostalgia and memories. Among OP's strongest points is the subtlety in its dialogue, everything since their meeting says a lot about where they are at now.

  16. I've been scratching my brain but I cannot put any frame of reference to the churro comment. Could anybody enlighten me or leave the chapter where the reference is? Unless I'm mistaken.. but OP is pretty great at having little recalls such as this to prior story lines, just like in real life.

    1. It's quite likely just one of those little things we didn't need to see actually happen.

    2. I can't recall any references to Eve liking churros in the comic. But maybe that's the point? Eve and Park's relationship was already a thing of the past when OP started; the Eve that Park remembers and misses could be one that we readers haven't even known.

    3. I think it might just that Eve and Park have been apart for such a long while, and Park's made this small but super inaccurate comment (they're your favourite!) and Eve gets to reflect on the fact that things have changed and maybe Park doesn't know her THAT well anymore.

    4. I figured that Park was remembering College Eve when he said that. That he was referring to an in-joke that is way past it's "use by" date. It's stuff like this that makes me feel angry for Eve. Why is she having to settle for past life boyfriends? What's wrong with these Brooklyn boys that they can't see what a wonderful person Eve is? ( /JewishMotherMode )

  17. I HATE park, but this feels uncomfortable if Eve is happy.

    I really hate Park for fucking up my Ship with Wil. I waited 8 years ( ? ) for them to get together.
    I will not have this taken from me so lightly

    Why does everyone else hate Park? Its weird being such agreement with the whole fandom , give me more reasons why Park is scum.

    1. The fact that he cheated on her before when they were together the first time, He doesn't like how she's changing and wants to keep her as the girl from college he fell in love with, he doesn't like her new friends, treats her like she's a child and waiting for her to grow up, and on top of it all he doesn't care that she is perfectly happy being who she is now.

    2. It's not that I hate Park, I just think there's no sign that he's right for Eve. Back when he was in town he had no sympathy for any of Eve's friends.* Nor for anything that she seemed to want to do with her life; it seemed like he was impatient for her to go get a high-paying job, and if she didn't get one then there was no reason for her not to follow him out of town and… be his helpmeet I guess?

      Someone who doesn't really get your friends or your life choices is not someone you'll be happy with.

      *At the time they seemed to be Hannah's friends, Marigold etc., and Eve and Park's friends were Greg and that group… but now Eve exclusively hangs out with Marigold and co., and we haven't seen her old friends at all. Which makes me think that they were really Park's friends in the first place.

    3. I like Park. He and Eve weren't awesome together but maybe (like her) he's changed since then? It would be kind of weird if he hadn't, given how long it's been.

      I know realistically the author probably didn't bring him back so they could have a happy ending, but I'd be jazzed to see them at least part as friends from this encounter

    4. I don't like him because he's jealous and petty and aloof and not self aware about it enought to meaningfully change.
      He's also like hot and rich and maybe he is better now though?
      So even though I definitely would personally pick Will, idk, I don't want to be too quick to judge.
      If someone's there for you in a specific way that it seems nobody else can fill it's challenging to just drop that attachment, even if it's for the best.

    5. i dislike him because i can't trust him (and i have trust issues). the first time eve took his eyes off him for a while, he cheated on her. he even had another girlfriend. it's worth noting that by visiting eve and pretending everything's normal, he was also cheating on his other girlfriend.

      then he came back, and they were back together, but park sprung a very life-changing decision on eve like… barely a day before. "hey i'm gonna move away and i want you to come with me" and they had been dating again for like a month! if he had planned to move away anyway he should have said so sooner! that looked very manipulative on his part, even if he didn't mean to. not to mention how controlling he appeared to be w regards to eve's life and friends.

      now this just seems… convenient. he's staying in the city and got horny+nostalgic. "hi eve let's get together for lunch or something" and obviously both chose "something". he knows eve won't say no, ever. he obviously hasn't seen her pining for him, nor has anyone told him that, but when someone is that deeply in love with you (deep enough to never refuse you, and be always welcoming of your affection) you can see it in their eyes, you can see it on their face!

      this is why i dislike park. i just can't trust him to be good to eve, to be a little selfless and reflect on the effect that his presence has on her and her life in general.

  18. I think this could actually be good for Eve. This little trip down memory lane with Park, revisiting this relationship she's thought so much about. Might actually help her realise that this is not meant to be and help her move on. I hope so.

  19. Eve. My guy. Friendo. If hes come back after all these years it's because he cant GET anyone else. Run for the hills.
    I mean, unless this is a dream?

  20. thistemporarylifeblog

    I said this on the last page, but I'll repeat the gist of it for this comment section:
    We don't know anything here. It's silly to demonize Park or chastise Eve for any of this. They're both adults. Eve is not a lamb being cornered by a wolf, Park. Let these people make their own decisions without flipping out because they look bad – since, again, we don't have any information other than the fact that they slept together and are now getting food.

  21. That last panel is destroying me.

    DAMN IT, Eve, WHY?!

  22. Thanks for everyone's replies, it actually makes perfect sense, and I actually feel really shortsighted for jumping to the assumption that there was any churro incident instead of thinking about the actual comment and its implications. I especially like the idea that it's something from beyond what we've seen in OP between Eve and Park. Now my brain is wondering if it will turn out to be another story in itself to be revealed later *eyes sparkling* man I love this comic so much.

  23. Eve in this last panel look so vulnerable. Like her whole body is saying "I just want someone to hold me and care about me".
    I kinda understand that. I never been through bad break-up but something close – and i still sometimes just forget about everything that's wrong and be with that person.
    I like this arc and reading comments always gives new perspective to me

  24. *spins around flailing* "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!"

  25. Oh fuck, no!! Fuck no!! No fuck and Fuck no!! No no no!! FUCK!! No, I mean, nooo!!!

  26. eve no it's a trap baby don't do it

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