#890-891 – see you in 40

I'm back in NY and this storyline is almost OVER! It's the longest one ever? One more page.

31 thoughts on “#890-891 – see you in 40

  1. Feels like Eve and Hanna have some things to discuss over that coconut.

    Also, I love Eve's face in the last panel. "Yeah, my life's pretty good."

  2. *phew* one page is hardly enough for a catastrophic meltdown is it? although my wicked mind has several scenarios ready.

  3. Yeah… oh, yeah…

  4. "Whatever's in the fridge plus these ingredients I bought on a whim" is the basis of my diet, really.

  5. omG!! But Hanna doesn't want kids! That's why she and Marek broke up!

    1. Sometimes people really do just change their minds. It doesn't mean that it's bad to never have kids, but it also means it's ok to decide for your own reasons, and not someone else's, that you might want to after all. I never wanted kids. I have two now and I really am glad I did. We reassess stuff sometimes, and that's ok! 🙂

  6. Hannah's even entertaining the thought of kids? Hmmmm…

  7. Aunt Hanna. What I would've done to have an Aunt like Hanna!

    Actually… now I think about it, it's probably for the best I didn't.

  8. OH man. This could mean things….with merek…could happen again.

  9. Hmm…so this overall arc is about the characters being okay with change…

  10. Oh, Meredith, why must you tease us like this? My heart can't take it.

  11. Aw. This page warms (almost typo'd "wrams", which I suppose works) my heart! Yes, Eve & Hanna friendship. It is a beautiful and valuable thing to have a friend who you can call up and say hey wanna eat fridge food + coconut with me? And they will say yes and mean it.


  13. I just love how natural and sincere Eve and Hanna's friendship is.

  14. Eve chilling while waving around a coconut is a pretty familiar image at this point http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-07-11/685-hard-to-

  15. This page has a the-strip-is-winding-up feel… sniff.

    1. I got the same feeling. Have some of my tissues.

    2. sweetmotherofmars

      *passes out ShamWows*

  16. One visit from Marek and she's daydreaming about kids? Oh My God.

    Well, she's got that successful business she was dreaming about before, so maybe she's trying to figure out if that's what she really wanted.

  17. Domestic bliss ^_^

  18. Hopefully this coconut won't get peed on.

    Also, doubling back on firmly held ideals that caused you to leave someone after a visit from that same ex. Always a good idea…

    1. Seems to me that Marek left her.

    2. you realize one of her main concerns with having children was that she was high constantly? She can't get high anymore and doesn't smoke anymore. One of the things that was holding her back is gone. Seeing merek might have just made her realize that.

  19. Omg scandal!!

    All along, I BELIEVED Hanna with her "don't want kids ever"s and her "I've already found happiness"es? You always want to trust people to know their own minds, it seems like the only respectful approach. But whatever I guess, studies have shown the human brain doesn't completely finish developing until ~age 55. Who knows anything, really, until then!

    1. There is only one page left; I feel like it's maybe too late in the day to do this right now

  20. Why is it that when everything is going right for these characters I start cringing and waiting for stuff to go wrong

  21. Hey eve don't be rude to the nice teller lady, put down the phone for a sec when you're checking out 😉

    also the dialogue quality in this one is sublime

  22. Geez, this comic makes me so emotional.

  23. new plan: become girlfriends, adopt two kids, kiss a lot

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