#883-885 – sick trim

This was a very ambitious entry with a production story of its own, though it just didn't land the way "Home" or "Wonder Wheel" did. You win some, you lose some! But I had a lot of fun with this one and still think it's pretty neat.

Original noids by Joe Gran.

My brother Joe did the 3D renders from my poses as close as possible - I then had to go back and redraw the poses seamlessly over the 3D. It was a strange way to work, and I think the results are uncanny and somewhat in the realm of body horror. Joe also did the LA backdrop.

I love the simplicity of the buildings and the oversized palm trees. It was exactly the kind of abstraction I was hoping for, just a general mental area of what LA looks like.

Anyway, I might've been overplaying my hand with Big Moments towards the end of the series. I just had so many ideas swimming in my head and I'd get a rush every time I saw them to fruition. This was one of many that seemed possible, and it's nice to look back on that.

9 thoughts on “#883-885 – sick trim

  1. I was always in awe of how well this page worked and wondered how you put it together! The colors, the layout, the motion – everything works!

    1. Ditto! That wave of LA tang is so deluxe. And Meryl still creeps me out. She's hilarious, but super out of place in OP overall, and demonstrates how this community puts a lot on Jane's shoulders without really reciprocating.

  2. Once again, non-sexual (and in this case mildly horrifying) boobs show up in Octopus Pie. 😀

  3. CAR BOOBS! I love this page.

  4. It A B S O L U T E L Y landed. I remember reading this page at the tail end of my lunch break and, when nobody was paying attention on the shop floor, coming back to look at it over and over again for the rest of my shift. I love it.

  5. I lost my fucking mind when this happened. I've had a deep belief that if you want to do any kind of satire you have to bust your ass to do a really good job. This isn't strictly that but it reads like an over-playing of a thematic idea, and if you want it to work you have to execute it at least as well as anyone else ever has. This sequence crushes me every time it comes up in the story.

  6. It's nice to see the "horror" reference.

    I found this deeply disturbing, along the lines of the end of Roald Dahl's "The Witches" when the protagonist is still stuck in his transformation to a mouse–and the witches are all dead so you know he's never changing back–and it's established that he's got the standard 2-month mouse lifespan.

    The first time around I got the impression that this transformation was merely humorous and I was probably overreacting by being disturbed. It's nice to know I wasn't, that it was part of the point.

  7. With a station wagon, you will never lack for work or friends.

  8. The Volvo 240 series is an all-time classic and I was extremely happy to see it represented here. And yes, that is a sick trim.

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