#881 – been gone a minute

16 thoughts on “#881 – been gone a minute

  1. When the voices inside your head start to colonize the part of your brain that assumes what other people are thinking.

    1. Or when the conversations you have with other people are more meant to be between two halves of yourself.

  2. Becoming someone else to comfort your mate… is that healthy?

  3. I like the Tron-style lighting effects on the technology: the outlines are drawn in pale blue instead of black. It gives them an aura of unreality, in contrast to the people and the speech bubbles, which have normal black outlines. And that matches the storytelling: Jane's relationship with Marigold is more real to her right now than her role within this collective.

    This is another cool example of how Mer is using colour to help tell the story.

  4. We fill the silence with our own insecurities.

  5. "I literally just blinked and existed" — Been there, done that. xD

    1. Maybe he shouldn't stand so close to the dimensional whatzis while it's running with an open chassis.

  6. Also "back to normal": Given that her current environment is nowhere near as "normal" as being out in the real world with a girlfriend….

  7. I love it!! Even more!! Mer, you're pure genius, you!

  8. " I just blinked + Existed." I think that's Mr. Hawaiian-shirt-guy's way of saying, [Dude, Calm down. I'm just standing here, doing nothing]. Cool.

    1. Ahhhh thank you. I misread that as "bunked" instead of "blinked" and it's been puzzling me ever since.


  10. The Colors on this page are amazing

  11. Repealing "high life" is a solid decision. Geez folks pound a Genny, a Micky's, or even the loathsome Natty Ice if you want cheap beer.

  12. I wonder how often Jane actually makes it to her apartment vs. being summoned into adventures like this. After all, this is only the first floor of her crazy building…

  13. I've recently (as in, yesterday morning) rediscovered Octopus Pie after resurrecting my college laptop. Cue guilt-less binge reading in bed with mint icecream and beer. Please, resist judgement.
    After hours of my expectation of another comic being fulfilled by clicking the next arrow, my expression of surprise and dismay emulated Jane in the last frame, as I realized that I have reached the present strip. Sigh.

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