#872 – doomed kings

24 thoughts on “#872 – doomed kings

  1. someone totally called this last comic. we're onto you gran!

    1. Well, I'll be damned.

  2. I'm rly into beige these days and these are some GREAT beiges. Thank you.

  3. Next to last panel: YES. Yes, it is.

  4. you know, i can tell how much of a different person i am from when i started reading OP because i used to think he was just whatever but now i REALLY want to fuck Will and regularly catch myself daydreaming about having a charming ex-sleazy scruff boyfriend.
    meredith gran why am i being hetero about this dweeb in a comic with marigold and jane in it????????

    1. Hey, it's not like this is a gender matter. I also really want to fuck him, and technically I am supposed to be a heterosexual male and all.

      1. It's the eyebrows, is what it is.

  5. Hey yo!

    That panel of baking tools and the overdub of talking about things gradually becoming less important is too foreboding for me.

    1. I think it's kind of the opposite yeah? The "other things" set in and the relationship gradually becomes less important, or seems odder and less likely in the context of them.

  6. I somehow feel really invasive of Will's privacy 🙁

  7. Yeah, I got all poetic when I used to go in for therapy too.

    1. I get that way after about 10PM. I can tell how tired I am by how long my poetic analogies get.

      1. Huh, I do the same thing. As soon as I get in to bed for the night things become more meaningful and I get to sleep an hour or two later, then wake up the next morning thinking "Welp, I'm an overthinking weiner."

      2. The drunker I get, the more that happens.

  8. My daughter is turning 1 in barely a month. My first bit of "Dad" advice: if a man can't do his own laundry, RUN.

  9. I think Will is like an onion: keep peeling away layers and the next one will still make someone cry.

  10. I continue to underestimate goofy-ass Marigold…

  11. Leave it to MG to write a therapist who isn't a complete quack but seems to be actually good at her job…. <3


    1. Seriously. I'd seen so many cynical/whacko cartoon therapists that I was really reluctant to see a therapist myself when the time came… I imagine some writers find it easier to fall back on that caricature as the more familiar thing, but it distorts the truth.

  12. makes me think of that book, after the ecstasy, the laundry. lol

  13. Interested in the middle panels, cause i dunt think they relate to Will. The hard drive is the one Hanna was looking though, right? Wonder if Will's comments are going to be reflected in the rest of Hanna and Marek's conversation.

  14. Pivotal arc right here. All coming together.

  15. Introspectioooooon

    *Reads comic*

    *Assesses self*

    "…Goddammit, Gran."

    1. That's nothing to worry about. I do the exact same thing with Hulk comics.

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