#854-855 – you know that

Iconic color scheme! I can visualize this one in my mind so easily. We never see Marigold and Marek talk one-on-one, isn't that weird? Maybe not. They were both supporting characters in Hanna's life, and that's mostly what they have in common. When Marigold asks him to acknowledge that, we lose Marek's eyes for a second. A real friendship between them might be possible, but it would have to grow out of this shared and total severance from Hanna, something Marek isn't ready to admit has happened.

11 thoughts on “#854-855 – you know that

  1. one of my favourite pages. makes my heart hurt.

  2. That's right Mar, you can't buy your way to victory every time. Love and human relationships are more important. I like how Mar is talking about how she's healthier now that she cut people out of her life, while trying to win stacks of cash in a claw machine. You can be healthy and love someone unconditionally, even if they say they feel sorry for you. The path to enlightenment is a long one, have another soda.

    1. I think Marigold is mostly right about her relationship with Hannah, though. It wasn't a healthy friendship anymore. Hannah had made it conditional on Marigold stagnating.

      Maybe someday, they can forge a new friendship on new grounds, as the people they've become. They've still both got Eve in their life, so their older selves will have chances to 'meet'.

      1. I want this a lot. And I think Hanna really needs it.

  3. Interesting how they're visually separated in the long shot before we lose Marek's eyes again.

  4. "They're exactly as unfair as the player is arrogant" always struck me as a hilariously brutal thing to say to Marigold, but she doesn't seem to mind.

  5. "You can be healthy and love someone unconditionally, even if they say they feel sorry for you."

    …you really can't though. Nothing destroys a relationship like contempt. Anyone who is going to pull that "I'm so much better, I just feel sorry for you and your pathetic life" type of attitude does not love you and is not worth keeping around. Mar made the healthy decision.

    1. The saddest thing to me is that Hanna doesn't learn and grow from this. She's sure she's right and she stays angry. She could gain so much from some humility and a broader perspective. In fact, she's likely to become steadily more unhappy if she doesn't learn this lesson.

      Not that this is in any way inaccurate. It just makes me sad because I like a lot about Hanna, I feel a strong similarity to her–and she has all my faults, unmitigated.

  6. The coldness of all these colors are just the finishing blow to the deteriorating friendship dynamic we're seeing in these pages. It's the worst, which is why it's the best. Can't wait for the ferris wheel commentary.

  7. The point I find fascinating here is that as far as we know, with Marek and Hanna it *was* 'one reason'. Their relationship ended because he wanted kids and she couldn't ever see that happening for her. We've never had Marek's perspective much in the comic but I took his reaction here as one of shock and concern for Hanna – I left, now Marigold has gone too…? If he can't be there for her, she *needs* Mar more than ever.

    1. Late comment ahoy!

      Gran has indicated a few times in the past that there wasn't 'one' reason, but rather, we were only seeing the major catalyst that perhaps sparked their true downfall as a couple.

      That said… god. I know the feeling Marek has there. During my breakup, I felt like all of her friends either abandoned her or encouraged her bad habits, and there was nothing I could do.

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