#825-826 – horse_selfies

I didn't quite get the panel flow right on #5-7. We're meant to see the insta comments, then Jane's reaction to them, then Mar's photo. If they're read in that order it's just a happy accident - trust me, I am at fault for this one! But anyway,

This was specific to a feeling I had at the time, that everyone was speaking in hyperbole, everyone was screaming at jokes, literally crying at memes, desperately in love with their friends and industry acquaintances, and it just didn't seem possible to me. Not that those things aren't possible, but that anyone could sustain that kind of energy scrolling through these feeds, in an endless state of dull stimulation. I wanted to show Jane's icy acknowledgment of that, even as Mar's photo pierces her heart.

I wanted this to be a moment where Jane's love is stronger than her insecurities. She couldn't possibly hate Mar, even if she IS being rejected. In the face of the worst possible scenario, it's easier to imagine going through with it. At that point, it's just a question that begs an answer.

The last roommate panel has a shout-out to Dog of Wisdom, my brother Joe's YouTube cartoon that people are still shocked I have a connection to. The titular dog of wisdom is my terrier, Heidi.

6 thoughts on “#825-826 – horse_selfies

  1. Wait, Joe Gran is related to Meredith Gran? Boy I feel dumb for not thinking about that before. I love the Dog of Wisdom, dammit.

  2. Is that…a human skull, barely under the floor under Jane’s bureau?

    (No, I didn’t notice that last time!)

    1. Any time you show a cutaway of the ground, you gotta have a skull or some dinosaur bones in there. It's one of the rules, like if you draw a cat from behind you gotta draw an X for its butthole.

  3. I feel dumb because I thought Dog of Wisdom was made by the Potter Puppet Pals guy!!

    But I also wanted to let you know that the sequence of Jane being annoyed at the comments while still having her own positive feelings for Mar definitely came through.

  4. ah, i really love the ring of light from the missing doorknob, the ring of light from jane's phone, and then the soothing temporary darkness that settles in for a moment before she gets out of bed. the shift in illumination as jane's heart cracks open is gorgeous.

  5. I know the real joke in the first panel is the lower box, but I'm intrigued by the idea that Jane owns enough knives to fill an entire box.

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