#797 – quiet places

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  1. Pretty sure that girl with the bun is the large pupiled one from the party where Will got beat up and mugged.

  2. Is that… quiet?
    It… doesn't look quiet.
    Oh gods, I'm missing the joke again aren't I :c

    1. It's not the joke, it's just the setup.

    2. Hmm.. sort of lost upon me as well. Maybe Jane is into people watching? Or the being in a crowded, talkative area helps her quiet the voices in her head?

    3. Quiet as in mentally quiet, maybe? When everything around you is so loud that your mind gets quiet since it's too loud to think.

      1. I'm too easily distracted.
        In college, I used to write papers in noisy bars lo limit real distractions.

    4. Yeah same here. But I'm guessing she means drinking is her "quiet place."

    5. I thought it was just Jane making the most of a lunch hour with Marigold, wink wink

      1. Glad I wasn't the only one!

    6. So, what you guys are saying is basically that loud is the new quiet? o_O

  3. Sometimes the "quietest" places are just where no one recognizes you and you're comfortably ignored.

    1. That's how it is for me. I can be completely alone in the midst of that sort of chaos.

    2. Ah, that's a beautiful insight. Gives me the imagery of a vast ocean, slowly zooming in on a lone island, with the breeze gently wafting the leaves of a palm tree, enjoying its existence. Hopefully I'll remember this the next time I'm at a bar.

  4. A quiet place is a place where everyone passes you by.

  5. The third panel! The rhythm, the movement, so… so good..
    I constantly keep thinking this just can't get any better and then boom – it gets even better!

  6. um, does jane have a thing for marigold? am i totally misreading the first panel?

    1. Take a look at the comic where Mar is blow drying her hair at the end of the spa day. I think that will clear up your confusion.

  7. Quiet is for staying sane, and this place seems anything but. Maybe Jane means that sometimes you just got to roll with the crazy.

  8. she just wants to get drunk with marigold! awesome.

  9. I feel like Jane has been crushing hard on Mar since at least the spa day arc. Has there been any evidence that Mar goes both ways? I can’t think of any and Imma feel bad for Jane.

    1. Agreed to Jane crushing on Mar, but no evidence at all about Mar being bi. I'm battening down the hatches for impending awkwardness.

    2. i'm going to get mad down-votes for this, but what is up with jane and weak women? i was hopin' she'd be into the secure and vivacious sort, not the needy, vulnerable kind she's been going for (e.g. julie and marigold). yes, i know jane is hiding hurt of her own and that marigold is transforming into a more self-sufficient person, but jane can do soooo much better.

      1. I don't get the bashing of marigold here honestly. It seems like you are viewing her through the skewed hannah lens. I don't see marigold as weak but simply as someone who has shown a lot of vulnerability in the past but is getting less and less vulnerable. I wouldn't describe marigold as needy anymore either.

      2. I get curious when people say "I know I'm gonna get down-voted for this." Is it because you know what you're saying isn't likable or up-vote-able? I know likability isn't the only reason for posting something, but it still seems odd for me.

        I like OP because it takes conventions like "weak women" and turns them upside the head. Marigold and Julie aren't "weak," just like Jane or Hannah or Eve aren't "strong." All of these women have their strong moments and weak moments, and who are we to pigeonhole them into such labels? Who's to say that your perception of "weak" isn't Jane's version of "strong" in some way?

  10. Maybe Jane means- her idea of a quiet room is, a room in a [relatively quiet] small bar, that has some background murmurings, but you only have to share the space with 5-15 people. Hm.

  11. Marigold: “Uh…. is this a gay bar?”

    Oh Jane, you are sooo slick…

  12. Bisexual colored bar, I love bisexual lighting

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