#671 – klunka klunka

Hey, people in and around Charlottesville, VA! I will be doing a gallery/signing at Telegraph on June 6th. You can come by and get a NEW EXCLUSIVE print, or get a book signed, or just look at some original comic art on display! Check out the Facebook event page for more details!

30 thoughts on “#671 – klunka klunka

  1. This is one of the more badass discretion is the better part of valorings.

  2. Regretting your smoker's lungs yet?

    1. Well, he did just get punched in the gut a few times…

  3. Where's his getaway car??

    1. "No one in New York drove. There was too much traffic." -Philip J. Fry

  4. Sadly, a year ago I moved away from Charlottesville to Australia (okay, it's not all that sad!)… Danielle you can bet I'll be sending one of my friends to get a book signed for me!!

    1. I think you got lost.
      This is Octopus Pie, not Girls With Slingshots.

  5. And Will klunka klunkas to sweet, horrible freedom.

  6. I'm just kind of confused as to why they're so determined to chase him down

    1. Because they're a bunch of entitled hipster bros. Also, he beat the crap out of several of them.

    2. You've come this far and you're still shocked at what these guys are doing?

  7. Action star Wreck-It Will.

  8. Oh boy. Some part of Will is going to get broken, I know it.

  9. What?! Really?? You're coming to Cville?! Yay! That's exciting! I don't know where Telegraph is but I will have to find out!

  10. Ladder reaches full extension. Stops very suddenly. Will is thrown off, landing on his back. Weed cushions his fall, keeping him from breaking his back.

    Weed saves the day!

    1. Some people say: Weed ALWAYS saves the day!

      …..Oh Jeez! Here comes Hanna's narc! 🙂

  11. Nananananana BAT WILL!

  12. The last panel looks great – but how the hell did Will get on the inside face of the ladder?

    1. haha you got me there

      1. He swung around between panels, while the ladder was extending, like a bad-ass.

  13. I guess it's a little strange Will managed to cling to the alt-side of the ladder but I'll be a bacon-tied string bean if it doesn't make for one dynamic panel.

    I'm also highly curious as to what these party friends want to do with Will, should they apprehend him. Hopefully I'll never know.

  14. Will, when you have a moment, perhaps you should review your recent life choices? Perhaps while hiding in a nearby dumpster.

  15. As long as Will gets to slug one more hipster bro before getting out of dodge, I'll be satisfied.

    White guy, awaaaaaaaaaaay!

    1. That is such a good phrase that it almost doesn't make me squirmingly uncomfortable.


    that made me realise I play too much Dota.

  17. I like this arc so far. Will usually wins out in contests of strength and its good to see he can lose. Interesting that this happens right after coming to terms with his romantic philosophy, too, as if he is developing mentally and diminishing physically.

  18. Move over Spiderman! Will is our news superhero: Doobie Man!

    [Sings]- Doobieman!……Doobieman! ….Does whatever a doobie can!


  19. Is this where Will disappears down the street, calls his boss, and has him send over several guys to break the bones of everyone at that party?

    Except with a party THAT large, they might feel they need to use automatic weapons. Sh%t,

  20. I'm just happy he's got his backpack of stuff. That joint was chock-full of heads that could've knicked off with the goods while he was throwing fisticuffs.

  21. What if it was all a dream?

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