#664 – don’t touch me

What WOULD Will's options be in this situation? Arguably he could be to blame for this, being too much of a hothead in an exchange that needed finesse. Either way, a person with a cooler head would probably walk away, blackball the client and cut his losses. Did Will age out of this role? Or is he a victim of the gig economy. We see him being treated with great admiration earlier in the series. Even in Eve's disapproval there is an implied danger and appeal to what he does. Now he's simply a delivery boy.

9 thoughts on “#664 – don’t touch me

  1. Amongst your many talents, Meredith Gran, are creating instantly hateable douchebag villains. Bravo. I don't blame Will for having such a short fuse with these chucklefucks, and honestly don't know if I'd react any differently (oh god do I need therapy??)

    1. I'm not sure they're really villains, just bros in jerk mode.
      (That being said, the "better life choices" line is pretty insightful, maybe the guy's a therapist …)

      As for therapy … reminds me I should quit procrastinating and make an appointment …:D

    2. "Chucklefucks"? That's a new one, lol

      I would've also accepted: "Douchecanoes" or "Toolbags"

  2. I always imagined that the typical small-time drug dealer response would be to let the guy have his free weed, and then come back after his friends have gone home, bringing some of your own large friends, blunt objects, and duct tape along with you. It's not like a guy who's stealing drugs can go to the cops either.

    (Of course, being "on the clock" and part of a larger operation in this strip, he's probably just supposed to tell his boss, who will write down the loss or call in muscle as he sees fit.)

    Truth is, early-comic Eve isn't exactly wrong to be freaked out by the idea of dating a drug dealer. The "implied danger" in his occupation travels both ways.

  3. Every pizza place has a "do not deliver" list of problem clients. Orlando should have prob been aware of this, especially given the illegality of the conduct here.

    I think Will just wanted to fuck someone up.

  4. This story was my Red Wedding. It really shook me! I had to read OP less often, to get through the pages faster, so my emotional response wouldn't be so drawn out. I had to ask myself whether I was too emotionally invested.

    But now, I would trade anything to rewind the world's ambient stress level to what it was in May 2014.

  5. I think we don't know enough about how Will's boss does business to know what his options are here. He could do the whole intimidation thing. If I were in doucheboy's shoes I doubt I'd feel comfortable stealing drugs I can clearly afford if the dealer tells me it means his boss will have someone tail me and beat the daylights out of me sometime in the coming week.

  6. I kind of feel like the best move — which is definitely not a "Will move" at least at this stage of his arc — would be to stay calm and go "look man, I'm just the delivery guy. You pay what you pay. If you don't, then the guy who supplies me takes an interest in you, and you probably don't want that."

    And then you just leave it at that. You're not explicitly threatening him, but in general people aren't super comfy with the implied threat of getting in bad with criminal enterprises the scope of which are unknown.

    The Will move at this stage is to get angry, get beat up pretty well, manage to escape without needing a trip to the hospital, and end up losing the weed and the money … which is what happens. And part of what he needs to have happen to learn that he's no longer compatible with this business.

    1. Who is supposed to be afraid of a bunch of messed up "Frat Bois", whom are already making bad decisions by messing with the 'Messenger Boy'..? Yes, he could easily remind these mindless jerks that it won't profit them by playing silly bugger to any organization that has what they need, not that they are in any condition to listen right now. However, after establishing all of those bicycles in the hallway on his way up, it would be a shame if they fell all of those flights to their doom on his way out, wouldn't it?

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