#651 – trying to call for days

I had Hanna's mom snapping to the father to signal that she'd finally gotten through to a human - not sure if that read. They have a reparte and a home and a legacy. They are stable.

3 thoughts on “#651 – trying to call for days

  1. I love that dog so much.

  2. Diane snapping her fingers totally read. It’s one of my favorite captured gestures in the series actually, love how it says “Honey, HONEY, I got someone on the phone!!” without needing a word. Such small, real acting details like these are what really make OP one of the greatest.

    1. extremely agree. Also how instantly alert her dad is, he's clearly been on edge for days. That panel is one that's stuck with me well past me being able to remember the exact context – it's a perfect illustration of a certain family model, that is deeply loving and attentive and kind of surprisingly stifling.

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