#650 – MOM

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  1. Always good to see that doggie again

  2. Oooohhh. Know that feeling.

  3. Intensely worried about where Hanna is and what she might be doing.

  4. Mom knows! Why does she always know!?

    The baking…..THE BAKING!

  5. Stress-baking…….glad I'm not the only one.

  6. That's the granny Eve's bike zapped?

  7. It's just my guess: I think maybe Hanna is very sad + very scared that she + Marigold had a verbal fight.
    So I guess Hanna is now panic-baking like mad, hoping that bribing Eve + Marigold + everyone with lots of cupcakes or whatever, will keep Hanna from losing all of her friends.

    I wonder.

    1. It’s not about Marigold. This whole arc (starting with Eve’s dream) is about Hanna and Marek breaking up.

      1. I dunno, when you lose a boyfriend/girlfriend the last thing you need is to lose your friends at the same time, even if during/after a break-up you don't want to *see* anyone. You'd want to know they'll still be there when you're ready to get out there again.

        But yeah, I think she's probably not so much baking for them but throwing herself even more into her work to distract herself from feeling guilty -I guess there was that whole arc where she had a day off and was so antsy to get back into it, so this would make a lot of sense.

        1. Sure. that's kind of what I was thinking. I don't remember if we've ever seen the kitchen piled high with Hanna's baking stuff, when Hanna is baking for her job. So this page maybe is showing us that Hanna is [overdoing] her baking work, today.

      2. I think you're right about the arc being about Hanna + Marek breaking up. However, I think Eve thinking that things are [showing cracks] + breaking up also mean that lots of things are changing in Eve's + Hanna's life, such as:

        Hanna + Marek breaking up, Sean is no longer chasing Marigold, Marigold has a new job and new confidence, Marek moves out of the neighborhood, Jacob leaves his job at Eve's store, etc..

    2. I think it's more a case of Hanna burying herself in her work. Hanna doesn't impress me as the bribing type, more the "Ms. Own-My-Own-Business" is in control.

    3. I don't think it's bribery baking. Hannah is trying to reestablish control over her life, and baking is the only thing she's got left at this point.

      1. That sounds about right.

    4. Hannah works so that she doesn't have to think about the unpleasant things in life. It contributed to her and Marek's break-up and damned if she's not gonna use it as a coping skill now. I don't see her watching Dr. Phil or cracking open a self-help book any time soon, so this is how she deals, for better or for worse.

  8. For a moment I thought it was Marigold with an ironic "Mom" caption, but then I saw the big pup face.

  9. That first panel is gorgeous!

  10. please don’t let this be a suicide.
    please please please…
    That scene of Eve walking in the door is too familiar

    I feel sick all of a sudden.

    1. Hanna seems more like the "lie insensate face down on the floor for two hours" type.

    2. sorry if that feels familiar to you, but I'm sure Hannah is in the kitchen working like mad to some tunes (s. music notes). It seems like a way of coping that's very Hannah-like.

    3. I think she's just huddled in a corner because baking is not enough.

    4. Oh no no it can't be.

      Meredith wouldn't do that. This is Octopus Pie.


    5. that seems WAY out of character for hannah.
      i seriously doubt thats what were walking into here. I'm pretty sure shes walking into someone manically trying to compartmentalize feelings by doing something mindless.

  11. is that woman at the counter a Hayao Miyazaky character or it is me?

  12. Yay, stress-baking! Uh, I mean, aw, shucks, sorry you're upset….

    …can I have one?

  13. Oh god. The Bakepocalypse. It has begun, as was written in the scriptures.

  14. Oh… man. What if Hanna’s revenge rebounding with Will right now. D:

    …To go with a less traumatizing plot development…

    What is going on!?

    This is a nailbiter of a story arc so far.

  15. Could it be…? The old lady bike thief??

    1. Dawww… I started following the storyline from there, and a couple strips later is when Marek first moves in ; _ ;

      Also yeah! she does look like the same lady. That''s some customer loyalty right there.

    2. No wonder she's giving Eve that stink eye!

  16. That's a little overdramatic

  17. I'd be really surprised if Hannah killed herself. I think she'd agree to have kids and stay with Marek before going offing herself…She's probably just baked in the other room.

  18. What's with the old lady and the man behind her in the top panel? They're looking at Eve like they're angry she's leaving.

    1. if you've ever worked in retail, customers are ALWAYS angry if you're not helping them at that moment.

    2. Looks to me that the man is Olly, waving goodbye at the end of her shift. The woman is likely just pissed at the indignities of old age.

  19. What's that bike-thieving granny still doing on the streets. She should be locked-up!

    1. Don't worry, there's a time-lapse between panel 3, during which Eve lies in wait and then murders her, and panel 4, in which Eve eats her brain.

      1. Um, I meant panels 2 and 3. Gah.

        1. Ah, this makes me feel so much better XD

  20. Baking — The first and last stage of grief.

  21. Honestly, I think this entire arc is a brilliant way of showing how badly Hanna copes with things changing in her life. She works so hard to make people think that she is in control all the time, but when things change in ways that she didn't orchestrate for herself she really starts to lose her shit. We've seen this before in past story arcs, worrying about friends leaving before SHE is ready for them to leave, people changing in ways that SHE didn't plan out. I think this is simply something that even though she knew was coming, she wasn't ready for it.

  22. One of the best ways to cope with stress or anxiety- if you can manage it- do something productive. Something simple that you've done before, like cleaning or laundry or in Hanna's case, baking. It keeps you active, gives you a feeling of accomplishment, and most importantly- distracts you from the elements in your life that you have no control over right now.

    Eve looks caught off guard by this. It seems like she's realizing just how deeply this situation has impacted her friend. I think she was reluctant to acknowledge it before.

  23. Uhhgg the wait for every update has never felt longer!!

  24. Aside from the comic itself (which is wonderful in its realness) I think the best think about Octopus Pie is the comment section; it always helps me understand the page in ways I hadn't thought of before.

    Can't wait for the next update, and the fresh batch of analysis that comes with it!

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