#646 – no wonder you’re having crazy dreams

Okay nobody got this one, but I thought it was hilarious when I wrote it. By "Barton Fink situation" I was implying Eve had a giant pool of period blood on her mattress that she didn't want anyone to see. I know the Barton Fink fan/period getter overlap is there, but my delivery failed. Oh right, the lettering in these pages got crazy loose! I don't mind it, but maybe it felt a little too loose in the end, a little too indie comics "the letters are art too" kinda thing. Regardless I really tightened things up again after this.

8 thoughts on “#646 – no wonder you’re having crazy dreams

  1. Peter of the Norse

    i alway thought that this meant that there were bedbugs. I don’t remember a bloody mattress in the movie.

  2. Oh. Huh. I've only seen period blood seep into a mattress once ever so, yeah, I had no idea why Eve was embarrassed. Guess she either doesn't wear pads to bed around her period or she bleeds really, really heavily?

  3. You stand on the corner of 4-way intersection.

    Driving in one lane comes Mar’s burgeoning sense of confidence and independence. Driving in the other lane, a ringing phone from a worried mom over the pain Hannah refuses to acknowledge. In the third, a general sense of loss of control of her life and newly formed vulnerability. And in the last, you know, the breakup. Also there’s a family of ducks crossing.

    Hide behind the mailbox and pray.

  4. I fucking loved the Barton Fink line!

  5. I think this comic strip was the thing that convinced me to think a little more about my own mattress situation going forward. The not the "Barton Fink situation" part, the "you spend a third of your life in bed" part. For some reason that line stuck with me. I've been sleeping a lot better ever since, so thanks!

  6. It scares me that no-one got the Barton Fink joke because I'm pretty sure the only way not to get the Barton Fink joke is by somehow having avoided that particular life experience, and I'd prefer to believe everyone lives this way.

  7. I love a good Barton Fink reference.

  8. Somehow I think I totally missed this strip and the ones before it when I was initially reading OP. Not sure how I did so, as they're pretty big ones!

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