#618 – walk you to the train

Does anyone else (who didn't draw it) find this guy repulsive?? I don't just mean the look, for sure the haircut's fallen out of fashion and the underwear are oddly detailed, but beyond that-- I think it's that we see him mostly clean and put-together, transaction complete, the exact amount of handsome Eve needed him to be, dressing with no intended audience, in his way that he learned to dress as a child, making this type of goodbye seem so routine and normal. Contrast with Eve's disheveled boobs and peeking butt crack - OUR HERO! - and one can't help but sink into the worry that this IS normal, that we all need to hurry and catch up with it.

11 thoughts on “#618 – walk you to the train

  1. I think you did a fabulous job capturing the essence of a hate-able dude. He probably works in sales (sorry sales people)

    1. What do you hate about him?

      1. lol I guess he reminds me of an old roommate I didn't get along with. Just seems like a fast talker. I can't break it down any better than Meredith did

  2. I can't help thinking that he just cracked Eve's phone with his foot.

  3. You can almost smell that guy's bodyspray through the screen.

  4. Eh I just thought of him as some guy. It's not a crime to be fashionable, or to be casual about a one night stand. He has his own life and his own worries, he's not some avatar of hipsterdom to be reviled.

    Also this is where you started hand-lettering, right? It always stood out in contrast to me from the previous page, but very quickly I got used to it.

    1. I sometimes feel like commenters here just automatically hate everyone that doesn't fit neatly into Eve's world.

      1. I get what you're saying, but I was responding to Meredith's comment about finding him repulsive, not other commenters.

  5. Eve’s foot in panel 8

  6. Is there a way to reread the comic from the beginning with commentary? (Other than clicking the "previous page" button over and over)

  7. I'm getting that it's a normal thing and not . . . weirdly awkward, maybe even needy? to get up just to walk a one-night stand to their public transportation?

    I would have thought this was more of "an attempt to impose a courtship ritual on to the end of a casual encounter", but IIRC the comments from the first time around suggested that this was a pretty normal, basically decent thing to do.

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