#611 – songs to pass the time

Man it feels good to be back on a schedule. HEADS UP: In the next day or two I'll be rolling out a pretty big original ART SALE, so check back if you wanna get in on that.

24 thoughts on “#611 – songs to pass the time

  1. Tubthumping is literally my theme song.
    All the parts with the getting knocked down is SO me.
    It's good to see more of this comic more often.

  2. Sparkly graph paper, and a Floating Wisdom Bitch Head of Affirmation. There is nothing about that third panel that is not perfect.

    And something that might be a Bright Eyes reference further down. I am enjoying this comic way too much.

  3. Meredith, will you be my lady?

  4. Oh, aren't we are full of it.

  5. Somebody's gonna get hit by that glass and they are gonna be MAD.

  6. Seeing Clark having such a nice time after having his observations challenged is too good for me. And I love that third panel; it's so Shoujo manga.

  7. God damn Mer..
    You deserve a knighthood for these recent strips.

  8. I dunno Jane, maybe 'cuz it's not all about looks.

  9. I grew up with Tubthumping. I never knew that was its real name, so I looked it up.

    When I did, I discovered that Wikipedia describes Chumbawamba as anarcho-punk.

    What in the unholy fuck.

    1. Not only that, they just recently broke up…after THREE DECADES of making music.

      1. And after a foray into folk which was, frankly, incredible.

    2. Apparently that band has been through a few incarnations.

    3. What about it?

  10. This strip reminds me of the better times ^^

  11. I'm tempted to make an avatar out of GIRL I KNOW Eve.

  12. At first I was a little sickened by Jane's description of herself. But when you're conventionally very attractive, people tend to overlook your personality… If and when they get the balls to approach you.

    1. I guess the grass is always greener, but I can't fucking stomach attractive people whining about the special problems they face due to their attractiveness. Studies show that attractive people – of both genders – are more successful (financially, professionally, etc.), happier, and have higher self-esteem than people who aren't so pretty. Of course, this reality is plain as day to the unattractive folks of the world.

      Fuck Jane's attitude here. Oh, I'm so sorry that the world didn't give you EVEN MORE PERKS for being born with attractive DNA.

      1. Aww, I like how confident and self aware she is of her own attractiveness. Its silly when gorgeous people deny being gorgeous. I think her complaint is more that its surprising she isn't getting any dates… which is just true.

      2. Honestly, I'm middling cute with some weird features, and I've only ever dated adorable, devoted nerdy guys. My sister is supermodel gorgeous and a contemporary dancer, and has dated 1) her bully of a colleague at the bar where she worked, and 2) a guy who proceeded to fuck someone else in her bed while she was on holiday and leave the condom behind the mattress.

  13. Panel 3 is amazing.

  14. Can someone explain what she means when she says "when you're THIS"?

    1. SHE HOTT


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