#609 – the wisdom bitch

I didn't expect the Wisdom Bitch to have such lasting power. Just another throwaway idea to punch up the end of a page. I think I started squaring off the fingers a little more around this time, mostly in an effort to ink with a brush more confidently.

4 thoughts on “#609 – the wisdom bitch

  1. I kind of wish I'd have gotten together more with my friends. Normally we only got together if we were all going out.

  2. I’m surprised “tell the wisdom bitch all about it” didn’t become a mug or a shirt. (Or did it?)

    1. Back during the comic’s original run, there was talk of making “Support Your Local Wisdom Bitch” t-shirts. I would have copped in a heartbeat.

  3. And today, at age 55, I learn the term "sagacious"

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