#587 – welcome

40 thoughts on “#587 – welcome


  2. This collab is too much right now, I wish I had a (pot) brownie…

  3. What the MET has really been hiding for all these years

  4. jesus, thats some crazy stuff she got, can I have some please?

  5. I should wonder… This isnt some brilliant transfer arc into doing color comics is it?

  6. I guess Will's stuff DID work

  7. Wow Hannah, you owe Will an apology. He sold you some primo stuff.

  8. this is super super amazing awesome crazy cool cool

  9. 1) I don't think anybody knows yet what she ate out of her bag. I sure don't.
    2) Oh god, it's a wormhole to the 90s.
    3) This collab is awesome.

  10. No Whammies no Whammies no Whammies biiiiiiig money!

    Oh wait, that's the 80s

  11. I just hope she didn’t jump out of a window, damage a priceless piece of art, OD, or anything! Noes! *bites nails*

  12. Was that weed laced with 8-bit acid?

  13. This is seriously one of the best webcomics ever

  14. Cue quasi-religious experience involving ironic 90s throwbacks and pepperoni pizza in 3… 2… 1…

  15. Everybody's super sonic racin'…

  16. Note to self: no art galleries if you are ever on an unidentified psychedelic.

  17. Quick Anna! Grab some extra lives!

    Gosh I wish this tunnel was a REAL art installation you could visit o.o

  18. oh



    I need what Hanna is having to get back to my childhood

  19. Amazing. I'm really excited to see what happens over the next few pages.

  20. Did you sell out to Disney? IS THIS A WRECK-IT RALPH CROSS OVER!?!
    … Probably not. Cool comic.

  21. I'll have what she's having. Anyone got Will's number?

  22. So, if this all a hallucination, did Hannah, in reality, ram herself into the painting at the MET? I'm pretty sure they'll make her pay for it.

  23. There is NO WAY this is weed. Pretty sure marijuana doesn't cause hallucinations like this. Hang in there, Hannah!

    1. It's all a question of volume.

      1. Minor hallucinations, yes, if you've got some crazy shit and smoke a hell of a lot of it. But not on this scale. This makes me think of acid.

  24. I predict that this storyline will end with Tommy Pickles giving Hanna an inspirational speech about how she doesn't need drugs to have fun; she just needs her imagination.
    …Though it's equally possible that Hanna will end up snorting lines off Powdered Toast Man's face with Ren and Stimpy.

  25. This is one of those moments that you really appreciate the web as a medium, because this won't be as awesome once it's in print form*.

    *Unless you decide to add mini LEDs to the pages which I have no problem with.

  26. I went to the Museum of Natural History stoned to the gills the other day. This is a fairly accurate depiction of how awesome it was, even if it wasn't all glowy.

  27. My mind is not ready for whatever is at the end of that tunnel.

  28. That ain't pot. That's some hallucinogenic shit right there.

  29. Which painting did she jump into? Her experience is way too gaudy for the painting to have been a Magritte. Did Hanna have the bad taste to jump into a Peter Max?


  31. I wonder if the Met could be made more fun while high.

  32. I want what she smoked. I want it bad…

    1. Will is less of a dealer and more of a magic man.

      Haha hm, I should draw that.

  33. just tell em it was stendhal syndrome hanna

  34. Huh, the good stuff really was in the secret stoner wing of the third floor.

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