#556 – lay-dees

OP took a short hiatus after the previous story, so I could finish my work on Marceline & the Scream Queens. When I came back I was roaring to go again, and the strip had a look and feel that stayed with it for the rest of the series. Mar's friends in HR do a lot of work bookending our girl's changes over the next few years. In between we see her break and reset a few bones. I'm very fond of this story and how it shows the worst and most pitiable of all of them. Sean maybe looks worst of all, for the role nobody wants to remember playing.

5 thoughts on “#556 – lay-dees

  1. Never before have I seen a fictional character ever describe December in such a perfect way.

  2. I genuinely can't tell if "gregarian" a misspelling or a play on words?

    1. with how much entendre and wordplay there is in OP, i give misspelling 0.01% odds

  3. These girls suck but I guess it's not their fault. Mar needed to branch out of the stoners and see the world.

  4. ah, so begins the era of TOTAL CRINGE when it comes to puget sean's interactions with mar

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