#522 – unresolved

Haha okay I've been having fun drawing these. This story is coming to a close pretty soon! See if you can spot the ending.

7 thoughts on “#522 – unresolved

  1. You know, I read like 10 comics every day. But this is the first time in a while I've burst out laughing at a page.

  2. Wow. That's great stuff….the look he gives at the end of the strip is pretty much the audience's reaction.

    Although Eve seemed to be down for some lovin in the 3rd and 4th panel….

  3. I could totally do Eve in panel 4. And she's a cartoon. -b>o_Ou

    1. *googles it* …. there is some rule 34 out there. Not much, but some.

  4. Yeah, that seems to be a trend. My girlfriend doesn't like it either so I just started using "fuck" and it's conjugations.

  5. You could have opened the window Eve, you had time for that! It might have saved you some extra suffering anyways lol

  6. And I love her face in the 9th panel!

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