#050 – a hero, a legend

9 thoughts on “#050 – a hero, a legend

  1. Pfffahaha

  2. Her name is Eve Ning?! :O

    That is amazing! 😀

    Hrm… what first name to give my kid in so that it compliments the last name…?

    Last name is Randall…

    Other than Randall Randall I don't think it can be done. -.-

    1. just do what i’m going to do, give your kids first names like Doctor, Captain, Professor, etc. it will make having their name announce on graduation day totally perfect =)

    2. munroe randall. see: xkcd.com

      he's the peak of epicness.

      1. dammit i was going to say that.

    3. "Withcare". at least in lists with surnames first they will be Randall, Withcare. Or they could just move somewhere that always has family names first.

  3. wow! eve is awesome! but then, i already knew that X>

  4. hur hur I get iiiit. Julie is dumb and adorable.

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