#499 – it still hurts

Christmas comics! There'll be three this week, leading up to the holiday. Boy, there isn't much time left! Hanukkah begins tonight at sunset. If you celebrate it, which why not??, have a great one.

7 thoughts on “#499 – it still hurts

  1. "2.5 % off." Ha!
    Yeah, it still hurts, but it's only "ow-fuck-grab-your crotch" hurt. It's not "buh! guhuuh! fall into a fetal position" hurt. Probably the only thing that hurts worse than a boot to the nads is giving birth.

  2. For a second, I thought the girl WAS Eve from the past…

    Does OP have alternate universes?

  3. it's that time of year again

  4. Eve, you don't make a good Santa, lol. And that does hurt even if you are a girl! Coal forever for you!!

  5. Funny thing is, until I saw the next strip (and the Olly's sign in this one), I almost thought this was a flashback.

  6. Eve is even more adorable with freckles.

  7. Actually, they've measured brain wave responses to being kicked in the testicles and giving birth and found that being kicked in the testicles is more painful judging by the brain's response to the pain intensity.

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