#498 – i should’ve been here

This all happened quickly one night, and into the story it went. It's bittersweet that I can't imagine the story having gone another way. I'm so grateful for the room I had to make spontaneous choices in these days and draw from the moment, even though the update schedule was very rigid. Maybe the rigidity helped in being spontaneous elsewhere. It just felt like a fruitful time. You can see a clip of me drawing this page in the documentary "Stripped!", about the decline of print comics and the ascent of digital strips. At the time I was part of the Pizza Island studio collective and we were giving the filmmakers a tour.

7 thoughts on “#498 – i should’ve been here

  1. That last panel is a beautiful metaphor of things to come.

    Edit: Now I think of it, the fifth panel is too, whoa.

  2. I genuinely think I would be a slightly worse person had I not read OP during my formative years. This is a sentiment I'm going to be writing (and definitely feeling) increasingly more in these comment sections, but thank you.

  3. This strip just breaks my heart.

  4. Knowing whats to come, this page just hurts. They clearly care about each other so much, but it just..doesn't work out. Such is life, sometimes things that should be aren't.

  5. About the discussion on the last page; I think this is another big disagreement that came between hanna and marek. She talks a lot about it in the club.

  6. i'll never forget getting text messages from my friends in new york while i was living in seattle and the authorities were tearing down the occupation in zucotti park. i fucking cried when i heard the peoples' library had been thrown into a dump truck. this story arc still feels like one of the few documents of that time which was at all real.

  7. To me, this is hiding from the revelation of what has to happen in the arms of the partner who's not fully aware yet, and I think it's an indelible end-of-longterm-relatsionship flashbulb. I knew what needed to happen for so long before I could do it, and I waited for my partner to see how obvious it was too, but he didn't want to see it. Neither does Marek, yet.

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