#497 – that’s a good thing

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7 thoughts on “#497 – that’s a good thing

  1. Oh man… when I got to the last panel, I felt chills all over.

    Poor Hanna. 🙁

  2. Change is the only constant in life.

    1. except for the constants, they tend to be pretty constant

  3. Wonder if 7 years ago was when Hanna and Will broke up. Now that would add a layer of 'oh dear God, no.' She's always high because it keeps him around, she even used it as an excuse to see him when there was the threat of him being kicked out of the group (when she goes to the party and says that the guy she's buying from is rubbish.) As much as everyone loves Marek, sometimes old memories keep crawling out of the boxes they were buried in.

    Heh, you could even say that she knows they would never work out so by pairing him up with her friends in a way to keep him around as well. Heck, she even tries to wipe Marigold's memory. That might not be a bad way of keeping the most vocal opponent of Will staying in the group silent.

    Oh crap, there was even the part when Hanna was spying on Will and Eve when they were outside at the arcade/bar. Her reaction could have been a genuine 'so what' to the conversation they had since she doesn't have to worry about Eve and Will anymore. You could even say that she pushed them in to a crucible prematurely to force their affection to break apart.

    Hanna also knew that Eve detested pot smoke when they reunited at the beginning of the comic, and was the one who told Eve that Will was her drug dealer. She doesn't mention that they have any history, she brings up the one thing that Eve would have the biggest problem with. How Eve was introduced to Will was harmless enough, but it was when they started hooking up that Hanna pulled the trigger. If being a dealer threatens to keep him out of the group, he's a normal person for all intents and purposes. As soon as he gets involved with Eve, he's Hanna's dealer and oooh don't you hate that?

    I gotta stop thinking about this, it's late and I need to sleep. Too much fits, and only because I had a similar experience. At least, now I have something to do (pore over OP archives and put together a dissertation.)

  4. thistemporarylifeblog

    I'd just like to change the direction of the comments and state that, despite how sad this strip is, panels #13 and #14 are FUCKING HILARIOUS.

  5. Wow, strange that a comic is making this real for me. I don't want kids, but I'm afraid my boyfriend (who agrees with me now) will change his mind, especially since his family is into applying heavy pressure. I'm also afraid that I'm robbing him of something he might enjoy with another woman.

  6. Huh, I find that if true it finally humanises her for me and makes me feel quite sad for her.

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