#495 – hot mess

Haha. Rereading this I'm grateful for how flawed Eve appears here, amidst a Big Political Moment. It's like the whole thing makes her head hurt and that's about all she can muster.

5 thoughts on “#495 – hot mess

  1. this is the most relatable eve

  2. There are plenty of times when Eve is awkward or vulnerable, but this was the only strip where I couldn't help but think she was actually pathetic.

    Maybe because I also cared about OWS.

  3. I love this commentary.

    Eve does drive me nuts earlier in this arc, but here I have some sympathy for her: I have friends like this, and I love them anyway and I'm inclined to make some excuses for them based on personality/aptitude. Some people are not wired to engage like this. My husband is less forbearing about it so we debate about how much a person can be reasonably expected to do when the times are . . . abnormal, as now. (He thinks they should be actively following the news. I think if they are listening and engaging with the 'current events' updates I give them, that counts for a lot.)

  4. This entire arc is just a showcase of wonderful Eve facial expressions.

  5. Panel 4 Eve and her helpless hands is how I feel more often than I care to admit.

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