#490 – you close too late

How was your week? Mine was all right. I got sick for a couple of days, and that was gross and all. But now I'm invincible for the rest of the year. That's the deal.

9 thoughts on “#490 – you close too late

  1. I want Marigold's haircut.

    1. U wanna look like a dude and have me not ever realize who you are, or that u r even a girl, until Eve mentions your name?

      1. If it’d spite you, stranger-who-thinks-people-change-looks-to-please-him, then yes.

      2. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

        I hope you’ve outgrown this perspective in the past decade.

  2. I have no idea how you made me instantly recognize that was Marigold Ms. Gran, but holy shit you have voodoos levels of subtlely defining character design.

  3. I thought Marigold was a dood.

  4. I didn't even know that was Mar' until Eve said her name. I thought she was a young guy, lol.

  5. wondering what the bottom left lettering that got scanned through said because i'm a sucker for how people copyedit, but that's ME

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