#462 – pretending to have a career

The Jacques Pepperoni thread was followed up in a short story I did called "On the Strait and Narrows". It was sold as a minicomic but I've since made it free to read here. As for Hanna's intern disaster, I never elaborated but we can assume that was Will.

4 thoughts on “#462 – pretending to have a career

  1. Jesus christ and I thought Olly was a sack of shit… Well ok he is but at least he has some interests into the lives of his employees outsode of their job's.

  2. omg. never knew about On the Strait and Narrows. New(ish) OP in 2019!!!!!!!!! Thank you Meredith!

  3. Holy shit, I've read through octopus pie dozens of times. And you're so kind already to give this commentary. AND I GET NEW OCTOPUS PIE?! thank you so much meredith

  4. Hadn't read Strait and Narrows yet. Man, what is it with self-important, utterly cruel assholes in positions of power?

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