#448 – saying what you mean

I think a point I tried to make in this comic that didn't necessarily come across was how much Eve knew she depended on booze to be brave. Did that come across? I think the idea that they're all neurotic carries the most weight here. This again is one of those situations it's hard to re-insert myself into. People commented at the time how a) Jack looks so much bigger than Eve, and b) he kind of looks like Marek? I wish I had more to say about that. Sometimes things are just a cute visual that I haven't thought very hard about.

7 thoughts on “#448 – saying what you mean

  1. I certainly missed it the first time, but this time, noticing that Eve placed her glass down, still half-full before her confession absolutely lit the bulb in my head.

    1. What do you mean? I mean, I notice the glass, but I'm not getting the light bulb moment.

      1. I figured it was that she didn't need to knock back a shot to admit it.

      2. look at the deliberate placement of it–the way she looks at it–she's having a realization.

      3. Most people about to make a difficult confession while holding a cup of alcohol in their hands will just bottoms up it. She intently, kind of resentfully put it down with still lots of alcohol in it. She was admitting to herself that she had been using alcohol as a crutch for too long.

        1. Wow…it makes sense, but I wouldn't have thought of that at first or even second glance!

  2. thenextprescottniles

    I vividly remember this being the one where I woke up to how next-level great the drawing had gotten—the spectacular poses and frame management in the last three panels, obv., but also the overhead shot in panel 12 as a pull-back/callback from panel 1, etc. We were all in much deeper than I'd realized

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