#440 – booze what i need

Speaking of silly shit from this story, it's a LITTLE weird that Jane's nickname from a Belle & Sebastian song is also her real name. That's just what happens when you keep developing a throwaway character, folks. It takes all your baggage with you and makes you account for it later! Actually I guess that's what happens when you write any story at all for 10 years.

3 thoughts on “#440 – booze what i need

  1. It feels like exactly the choice Jane would make, tho.

  2. Funny how sharing at least one skill that required practice and training to do can mean that you and a stranger know that the other person is basically trustable. The cycling community is like that, so is the East Coast swing dance community and the waltzers. This is way more than a simple granfalloon coincidence. I see that happening between Jane and Eve: they both trained as baristas, they both have the ridiculous tattoo, they both yearn for booze in the wilderness and they have to collaborate to get it. Shazam!

    1. Never did get into dancing, but I love that the NS swing scene is like this delightful, wholesome veraion of a fight club.

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