#416 – cut it

10 thoughts on “#416 – cut it

  1. When's the commentary coming baaack, these coming arcs some of my favorites! [/GROSS ENTITLEMENT]

    Also this brownout biscuit arc was foreshadowed over 100 pages ago! http://www.octopuspie.com/2019-01-17/302-unfathom

    1. I think the joke back then was that she killed the guy though.

    2. good catch

  2. Like many other toxic things, it's good that Mar is finally cutting Will and her dreads out of her life.

  3. Did Hanna get shot with a ghost bullet at some point between now and the last strip?

    1. She did a bunch of ghost shots at the canteen, and got fatal ghost alcohol poisoning.

    2. a mullet bullet, maybe

    3. The plot contrivance ghost ran around shooting everyone who needed it. I don't think that last arc was intended to be taken too seriously!

  4. When Hannah and Mar stopped being friends, I remembered this scene and I always had this feeling that things would eventually work out and they would be friends again and we would keep moving on. When this comic was on it's final arc, it really started to hit me that their relationship was never going to fully reconcile and that really stayed with me through my life.

  5. Oh snap I think I just realized, are the narration dialogue bubbles what Will and Eve were talking about outside the arcade bar?

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