#411 – torture chamber

I don't know how clear it is that Will's supposed to be Aldo the Apache from Inglorious Basterds. No symbolism there, just a semi-recent movie from another decade. Similarly, PBR was a loathesome stereotypical drink of young people. I think it still is, but everyone has calmed down.

4 thoughts on “#411 – torture chamber

  1. I liked PBR when I first tried it and I haven't stopped liking it and everyone can be as critical as they like while I get happily drunk on the cheap.

  2. Well, at least Marigold deprived the murderer of the satisfaction. And probably improved the taste of the vat o' PBR.

    Also love the Iron Maiden, looks like the first album!

  3. Do you drink PBR while eating a PBJ?

  4. In my opinion an Aldo Raine costume would require a rope scar around the neck, though it's probably a little late to put that in. . .

    Wait, is that iron maiden set up so you have to listen to Iron Maiden while the spikes go in? Such torture. xD

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