#401 – karaoke

In times like this one might almost think Hanna was a benevolent leader... almost...

12 thoughts on “#401 – karaoke

  1. Love how this is done from Hannah's perspective, so good.

  2. I was always confused about what happened here. Did Will tell Eve that he liked her and wanted to date her? Did he tell Eve that he liked another girl and Eve told him to break up with Mar? But then does it matter?

    1. My interpretation is that Eve has been low-key crushing on him since they kissed (while he has been dating Marigold this whole time). But now that Aimee's in town, Will will want to try dating her at some point, so he's wrapping up at least one loose end (by telling Eve that he didn't mean anything by the kiss and making it clear he doesn't want to pursue anything with her) before he wraps up the other (breaking up with Marigold).

    2. I like to think it's the conversation at the beginning of this comic Eve and Will had: http://www.octopuspie.com/2010-11-22/416-cut-it/

    3. If I remember correctly the dialogue from this convo is "voiceover" in another page in a later chapter… Possibly the one where Will and Mar break up?

    4. Read the beginning of the brownout biscuit arc! It has the dialogue that we miss here and clears things up a lot. (Took me forever to make that connection)

      1. I never noticed that! Thanks for the tip.

      2. wow, so going by the dialogue and their faces, it sounds like will asks eve the stuff at the beginning of the brownout biscuit arc and eve turns him down. I definitely projected and assumed Will was turning her down gently after picking up on her flirty attitude with him, but the shoulder pat she gives him at the end seemed weird.

    5. I never interpreted it as Will asking Eve a question? The Brownout Biscuit thing is news to me, I always shoehorned that into the context of a mid-breakup exchange, but it makes some things make sense.

      I thought Will came to tell Eve nothing was gonna happen with them (even though she never said anything like that) and draw a line with their flirty friendship, that he's gonna be more serious with Marigold. (Even if that doesn't last.) She tells him probably that she already knows that, but she's still totally deflated by Will having a Talk with her about it and putting distance between them, and being called on something she probably still won't admit. Gives him some platitude she doesn't believe about his new conviction, and goes back in, exhausted.

      With the timing and sequence of who's talking, it was the best I could approximate. It feels weird to have that interpretation taken from me, but this one kind of does make more sense.

  3. She's totally the benevolent leader. Eve is unhappy Commander Riker with a permanent hangover. I guess that makes Will Worf.

    1. and Marek is Data.

  4. Panel 4 remains one of my very favorites.

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